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  1. Love your coverage of the Zone Football League. Much better then the Sporting Pulse website, keep up the good work! - ZFL3 Wallsend Player.

    1. That's not hard to do mate! Sportingpulse is awful and never up to date. Cheers for the kind words and good luck on the weekend!

  2. Hey Ty,
    Northern NSW Football
    2015 Herald Women’s Premier League Grand Finals
    Sunday 23rd August
    Grade Home v Away Venue Time
    14 Years Thornton Redbacks v Mid North Coast Magic Park 9:00am
    16 Years South Wallsend v Adamstown Rosebud Magic Park 11:00am
    18 Years Mid North Coast v Valentine Magic Park 1:00pm
    1st Grade Merewether United v Valentine Magic Park 3:00pm

    1. Thanks. Will try and find the time to do a preview for each match.

    as a interested spectator at the Maitland vs Wallsend under 17's game on sunday, I, along with many spectators witnessed the incident, and in comparison to your web post, YOU ARE SO WRONG and facts misleading!, the 6'2 winger was the player from Maitland positioned facing down on goal line, the incident started, after a 1v1 collision with the keeper, on his stomach, the winger tried to move, and clipped his boot on the player, as per your posted picture, NEWY, it would defy gravity for a player facing down on stomach to stomp on the keeper, whom is on his knees???????, what you stated was defending himself, you failed to mention that the keeper proceeded to coward punch from behind the Maitland player, however i noticed you incorrectly named the #10 from Maitland as stomping the keeper, it wasnt the #10 you mentioned, that player was standing in between the 6 yard and penalty spot, exactly where a #10 should be, so in future before you post misleading facts with stomping on heads, and slandering and naming players, incorrectly.
    The football community relies on informed and correct football reviews, not misinform garbage which didn't happen, so do your research in future, they are only kids,Lastly we have photos of the incident, and players.
    Disappointing you have to post false and misleading reviews.
    By the way bagging Wallsend players,is not cool some of the comments were unprofessional and again 15 or 16 year olds watch you bag them on the web??????

    1. Hey. Appreciate the feedback. With this incident, I myself saw the backend of it and from my view it was blocked a little. Some spectators that I know wouldn't lie to me gave me their view of the incident which is what I was reporting on and I believe I mentioned that in my video.

      I did name the #10 as the Maitland player but corrected that with some subtitles on the video. I hope most realize my opinion may not always be right and in this case I'm sure it would have been better just to stay out of it.

      The bagging Wallsend players I was hoping would come across as constructive criticism. I spoke with their coach about the game and he admitted they needed improvement. I'm sure they'll come good and I'll be praising them soon enough. I treat all four grades in the same way and it may have sounded harsh but it certainly wasn't meant to be personal.

      I know I can please everyone but ultimately I'm just trying to do my best.

    2. not good enough Ty Stedman
      bagging kids, naming wrong players, and yes i did see you behind the Wallsend dugout.
      Now i will give you some constructive criticism, learn to speak, get your facts correct, learn players names, stop repeating the same point raised, and if you are not sure, dont comment.
      I hope this helps, as what you are doing has merits, but not the way you are currently doing it, bagging kids is so wrong.

    3. On reflection, the bagging out could have been done in a better way. I'm still getting use to the live video format I'm working on this season and comments like yours will help me learn what to say and what not to say.

      As for naming the wrong players, I'm unfamiliar with the majority of Maitland FC players considering I mostly cover the New-FM league. I actually thought it was #10 as I overheard the coach saying something along the lines of 'you got a few punches in' when he came off. I realized later on that it wasn't him.

      Hoping it didn't come off as a bad look that I was sitting with the Wallsend commitee. I did the same at Cooks Hill and with the Kahibah guys on Friday night. Supporting the New-FM league if anything.

      I'm sure there's others out there who feel like I've done some things wrong but unless they speak up I can't change it so thanks for the feedback and hopefully I can correct the wrongs going into the season proper.

  4. Interesting, so i watched the newysports weekend review.
    amateur at best,u condoning fighting and poor behaviour, MMA reference to the keeper and worse still the schilacking the poor Wallsend players got. Mate your performance was much much worse then theres.
    Hope it improves.

    1. Not sure where I condoned fighting in the video. I tried to put over the fact that regardless of the situation, fighting is the least productive option, especially in a game that is supposed to be a friendly. Sure I'm not going to lie. I do like a bit of a biff. This could be the rugby league fan in me. But at the end of the day, it's stupidity and will ultimately just cost people time on the sidelines.

      The MMA reference was supposed to be a joke and hopefully it came across that way to most. In the situation of live video it can be difficult to say exactly what I want to say in the way I want to say it.

      And as for my performance (guess this was the Sixerside GF) I have never and will never say I'm better than New-FM players. Wallsend need improvement in that grade or they'll fall away. I'm sure with Craig in charge and some more matches together they'll come good.

      As I said in my other comment, I treat all four grades as equal and the good reviews come hand in hand with the bad. Wallsend to their credit played a lot better football in the second half and admittingly I might have been harsh but again it's a live video and I'm still getting use to that format.

  5. Ty/Keegan
    Your most recent post on the New FM page of the NFF regarding the South Cardiff U19s player is incorrect. The red card and suspension was appealed on the basis of "mistaken identity" and NNSWF confirmed the player could play until it had finished its investigation. The initial poster couldn't have been at the prior match otherwise he would have seen what everyone else saw i.e. the ref sent the wrong player off

    Please post a retraction and an apology to SCFC for any suggestion that it has played a suspended player as this type of ill informed comment reflects poorly on the club

    1. I was told the judiciary banned him for three weeks. Fully aware they sent off the wrong player but have been told the main problem was the player in question wouldn't tell the referee who the real culprit was. I'll be waiting for the confirmation hopefully later today from the federation. I'll add something to the forum too.

  6. Hi Ty,
    I don't have Facebook but I enjoy following your reports and comments. I wonder if you will be accused of being negative on your reporting of tonight's U17's game in stating Kahibah 4 beating Toronto 1 lol. Keep up the good work and continue to report the facts.

  7. Hi Ty,
    I know you aren't going to do any reviews until tomorrow but you can you please put up what the scores were in the three games? Thank you for your commitment and dedication throughout the season.