Friday, 8 March 2019

Special Rounds & Playlist 2019

Newysports Special Rounds 2019:

Newysports Retro Round: May 11th-12th

Returning again in Season 2019 is the Newysports Retro Round. Last year was a blast as the matchday music playlist over the weekend harked back to the 70's and 80's. There'll be more of the same in Round 10 when again the retro fever takes over.

It'd be nice to see clubs get involved by doing something as simple as sharing some old school photos or displaying memorabilia at their home games.

Newysports Pride Round: April 13th-14th

A round that's dedicated to freedom and understanding. The Newysports Pride Round is entering its third year and again we'll be adopting rainbow colours on all Newysports-related media throughout Round 6. 

This year the concept is brought forward one week from its usual time-slot to accommodate the Easter Weekend.

Volunteer Recognition Round: July 6th-7th

Volunteer Recognition Round this season will be hopefully expanded and feature some good initiatives. Watch this space...

Newysports End of Season Night

After low attendance last season, the third annual Newysports Awards will be compacted into part of a bigger night that is still in the planning phase. Bringing people from most if not all clubs together is again the main goal so any advice on how it should be ran please get in touch.  Venue and date to be announced during the season!


Newysports Playlist Season 2019:

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