Friday, 23 February 2018


What Newysports Needs From YOU:
  • Interaction: Send us scores, goalscorers and keep Newysports in the loop.
  • Appreciation: A comment or at least a "like" goes a long way to showing support.
  • Innovation: Help us create new ideas, new content, we're always looking to improve.


Due to our cameraman Peter currently going through some health issues, we don't have someone to video games. The simple fact is there will be no games filmed unless clubs provide someone to operate the Newysports camera. It can be 20 minutes, 40 minutes, whatever.


So far it's been an underwhelming result for our new "MatchDay Central" status. Hopefully it'll kick on when the season starts. One post, pinned to the top of the Newysports page where we want to see scores and updates from around the New-FM Northern League One competition.


With so many games and grades now, our main attention is on the senior groups (U19's and above) but we're hoping to have scores and goalscorers from every youth game, every weekend. Again it's pretty simple. We need parents and clubs to either post scores and info to the aforementioned "MatchDay Central" or send it through via inbox.


Understand not every coach will play a part in this but we're hoping to hear from most coach's each weekend. A short paragraph giving thoughts on the game and maybe some players that did well. Saturday and Sunday reviews will be reserved for 19's through 1st Grade but if there's interest we can do a midweek Youth review if enough 14's-17's coach's get in touch.


It's yet to be figured out how or when these will be but we're looking to chat pre-game with some players (mostly 1st Grade at this point) and learn a little bit about them, maybe have some laughs and get away from talking about football. A bit similar to some of the stuff they do on Fox Sports.



Lastly, we have a look at what may be a weekly schedule on Newysports in 2018....

8:00am-Matchday photos from Sunday posted
-Round-Up of Zone League Results (Monday afternoons/night)
-Anything missed from New-FM Seniors on the weekend

-New-FM Youth Results/Review (Tuesday afternoons)

-New-FM Stats Updates (Goalscorers, Ladders, etc)

-New-FM Seniors Weekly Previews

-(Potential) This Week on Newysports Video (Friday nights)

Saturday's & Sunday's:
8:00am (Sundays)-Matchday photos from Saturday posted
9:00am-MatchDay Central Status Posted (results needed from New-FM Snrs/Youth)
10:45am-New-FM Under 19's
12:30pm-New-FM Under 23's
2:30pm-New-FM 1st Grade
4:30pm-Result from featured ground posted on MatchDay Central
-Written Matchday Review posted by 8:30pm
-(If Filmed) Matchday Highlights by 9:30pm