Saturday, 13 February 2016

OPINION: Three Young Guns to watch in the 2016 New-FM 1st Division

Those who know me, know that I'm a fan of development in football and I feel like the Under 19's competition is the New-FM's best-fought and will in 2016 be the best competition to watch. So far I've seen every 19's team except Wallsend, Cooks Hill and Lakes...anyway; that's the not the point of the first article of the season.

The point of this is to simply point out three players who I (along with coaches/management at their clubs) think will succeed in the 19's and possibly higher grades this season.

1. Nathan Hall (Singleton)

Hall takes on West Wallsend at Johnston Park

I don't remember being this impressed with a player on the first time I see them play. Hall played the 19's, 23's and First Grade and bossed the first two games. Arguably one of the best on ground in both against West Wallsend, he had skill, pace, slotted a goal and just looks a complete player in the midfield.

Singleton have some quality coming through the ranks. Jackson Skinner, Tyler Felsch, and there's others I'm probably forgetting but Hall is one to watch and will in my eyes be one of the players of the season in the Under 19's and 23's. I didn't manage to get much of a background on the guy and he wasn't in last year's Singleton squad but he certainly is one to keep tabs on this season.


2. Bailey Chaplain (Kahibah FC)

Chaplain (right) celebrating a goal for Kahibah's 19's

This guy is rated as one to watch at Kahibah this year and it's easy to see why. Chaplain, along with fellow newcomer Harry Wills were two of the better players in the Kahibah 19's win over Belmont-Swansea. Chaplain in particular was skillful and a keen-eyed midfielder.

I got to see him play again on Friday night for the Under 19's and then again for the Under 23's and again he impressed. In all honesty though, Kahibah's squad is full of talented youngsters coming through the ranks and Chaplain is just one of many. He'll play First Grade within the next couple of season's, even if it's just a bench spot.


3. Ben Frohlich (Cooks Hill United)

Frohlich (left) playing against Edgeworth Eagles NPL 1st Grade

It stunned me today to see such an inexperienced (at this level) player at left-back for Cooks Hill United's 1st Grade squad against NPL Champions Edgeworth Eagles. It's obvious that the Cookers and head coach Blake Glennie rate this guy and he's one to watch at the AthField this season.

He showed no fear against the big guns of Edgeworth and was quality in clearing the ball and just defending in general. The youth policy is strong at Cooks Hill and it'll see more like Frohlich come into the fold of Gleenie's First Grade squad.

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