Friday, 1 January 2016

PART 69: Grimsby Career Mode-FIFA 17

Premier League-Matchday 35-Sunday 2nd May 2021
AFC Bournemouth 0 drew. Grimsby Town 0
Vitality Stadium
Crowd: 8,567

Ty Stedman-"Today's game was probably the most frustrating match of the entire season so far. Bournemouth had to win to avoid relegation but they played a brand of football that in my mind just didn't show their urgency. Two banks of four at the back for most of the game and I don't even remember them even having a threatening shot at goal.

We came here with an outside chance of leaping into the top four with three games left and to be fair we dominated and created chances but they made it difficult and frustrating for us. I don't mind encountering solid defensive units but what you saw tonight was anti-football. They were booed off at the end which shows the frustration from a crowd's point of view. We'll move on from it."


NEXT GAME: v Watford (Home)

Ty Stedman-"Tomorrow night is one of the most important night's in this club's history. We've had a mammoth journey this season and we're on the verge of possibly sneaking into the Champions League spots. Whilst it's doubtful, the Europa League is in our hands. And a look at the table shows how important tomorrow is.

Watford have been superb this year. One of the best years in living memory for them but their fans are praying it finishes with a top four spot. They're in 5th and a loss here could almost end their Champions League hopes. The two clubs have a fierce growing rivalry and we've only ever scored once against them, and never in league action. This'll be a huge game for both clubs."


Premier League-Matchday 36-Monday 10th May 2021
Grimsby Town (J.Ibe) 1 drew. Watford (A.Penaranda) 1
Blundell Park
Crowd: 9,051 (SOLD OUT)

Ty Stedman-"What a game of football that was. We're disappointed to drop two valuable points and no doubt Watford are as well but the two clubs are so similar in the way we've risen from nowhere over the last two seasons. We're happy to share such a competitive rivalry and that game was the definition of an entertaining match-up.

Jordan Ibe's goal was hit well and we could have gone in at half-time with a two-goal lead which would have been nice but it wasn't to be. Penaranda is all class and has been their key man all season. It was tough to keep them out at the end and hold on for a point. We're still in with a hope of Champions League but the Europa League is our main focus."


Premier League-Matchday 37-Sunday 16th May 2021
CHELSEA (M.Batshuayi & B.Traore) 2 def. Grimsby Town (Adama) 1
Stamford Bridge
Crowd: 41,521

Ty Stedman-"This is a low point of our season tonight. We had the world on our plate when we were 1-0 up at half-time but it all went South and now we sit on the verge of missing the Europa League unless we break a five-game winless streak. Chelsea were just too good in the 2nd Half.

Honestly it's severely disappointing to concede an 85th minute goal to lose the game. A draw would have done us well but now Chelsea are within a win of sending us crashing out of 7th place on the final day. We shouldn't have allowed this to happen but we did and now we have to deal with Leicester on the final day."


NEXT GAME: v Leicester City (Home)

Ty Stedman-"I'm not going to lie, this game on Sunday means the world to this team and this club in general. We've had an up and down season and in what has been the tightest Premier League season in a while, we sit on the verge of qualification to the UEFA Europa League. All we need is a win.

Leicester came here last year and completely embarrassed us and whilst we want revenge for that, this weekend is all about making it into Europe. We can't lose, we can't even draw. We have to win or in my opinion, this season was all for nothing. When you're this close, you don't want to miss out. You'll see a determined Grimsby on Sunday."


Premier League-Matchday 38-Sunday 23rd May 2021
GRIMSBY TOWN (Adama & T.Buhagiar) 2 def. Leicester City 0
Blundell Park
Crowd: 9,051 (SOLD OUT)

Ty Stedman-"Of all the wins we've picked up on this ground over the last two years, none was like this. This feeling is like no other. We've made it, we're going to the Europa League and no-one can take that away. We set out on a journey five years ago and that journey has reached a level no-one believed it would.

A lot of it goes to the sale of Lance Morgan. We had the best goalkeeper on the planet today and we've made a mint from selling him and he's happily starting for Bayern Munich. This club has risen from nowhere to prominence and this is only the beginning.

Leicester showed us five years ago what an underdog can do but this for us is our greatest day."


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