Friday, 1 January 2016

PART 65: Grimsby Career Mode-FIFA 17


Lance Morgan To Bayern Munich Rumours:

Ty Stedman-"As you've all known, I've refused to speak about these rumours over the last few days but with Lance Morgan, Lance's agent and Bayern's permission, I've decided to address the rumours and try and clear the air ahead of a big game against Everton.

Bayern Munich have bidded for Lance's services and as it stands, we've replied with a slightly bigger offer that we feel he is worth. We're not a selling club let me say that but this is big-time money we're talking about and to see Lance move to one of the world's biggest clubs and be their number one, no manager can deny that. Lance's focus is still with us and he is still a Grimsby player for now. That's all we'll be commenting on the matter for now."


Premier League-Matchday 22-Saturday 23rd January 2021
Grimsby Town (T.Buhagiar-PEN) 1 drew. Everton (L.Oztunali) 1
Blundell Park
Crowd: 9,021

Ty Stedman-"Frustration is the word of the day. We blew a lead in the 86th minute. I can't really praise that can I. We worked hard to get in front and again we did so from the penalty spot. Trent Buhagiar is our penalty taker and hasn't been too consistent this season but hit today's penalty perfectly and is now the equal leading scorer in the Premier League.

Defensively we were fragile at times but coped and Lance Morgan in goals was once again superb and showed why he has interest from big clubs. He could do nothing about the equaliser. Poor defending and just a lapse in judgement let the Toffees grab a point to stay above the relegation zone. We're not happy about conceding a late equaliser."


SOLD! Morgan To Bayern Munich:

Ty Stedman-"I've sat in this room for some big press conferences. I remember the old room and my coaching appointment and there was probably ten media personnel here. Now we've had to build this new area and as you can all see, Grimsby Town Football Club is a much different place to that of a few years ago.

Today the club has just completed the biggest transfer of the season anywhere in the world. We have sold our goalkeeper and captain Lance Morgan to Bayern Munich for approximately 80 million pounds. This by far eclipses the transfer of Reece Phillips to West Ham for 22 million earlier in the season and indeed that of Sean Davies to Chelsea for 18 million in July.

Coming to the Premier League has brought us a mammoth of funds but as you can tell, most of that has been spent on facilities, our academy and general behind the scenes parts of the club. This money is a real chance to boost our playing roster.

Our club worth is projected to be 220 million pounds at season's end. That is double what it was back in August. I'm proud to say this club is becoming a behemoth and financially, our long term future is secured for decades. Grimsby are in the Premier League and has the resources to stay for a long time.

As for Lance Morgan. I can't praise him enough. The club's academy has never been prouder of a graduate. He joined the first team at just 15, was our starting keeper at 16 and club captain at 18 as well as England Number 1 at 18. He's in my opinion the best goalkeeper in the world today. He's now the Number 1 at Bayern Munich. It's an amazing story.

Where Will The Money Be Spent:

Ty Stedman-"We've got some names lined up. First things first, we will not be buying another goalkeeper. As you all know, another academy keeper Mason Cox has been staring for our reserve team and despite being just 16, he's already featured for the England Under 21's. It's a risk to put a 16 year old in goals but we've done it before and we'll do it again. 21 Year Old Owen Griffiths is also on the books and is suitable in case he is needed.

As for players I'm not the sort of manager to name my transfer targets. Let me tell you right now. We have a good side as it stands but we are about to break the bank and hopefully bring a world-class striker to the club. The window closes in a week and a half so we won't waste any time."


SIGNING: Daniel Sturridge Is GRIMSBY

Ty Stedman-"Three days ago I sat here and announced the club's favourite son was leaving us. Today I'm proud to say we have a new face of Grimsby Town F.C, Daniel Sturridge. I don't need to read you the stats nor the history, Daniel is a class act on and off the field and he is without doubt, one of, if not the biggest signing in Grimsby's storied history.

I had a difficult decision to make. The club were keen and could afford to bid for Sergio Aguero but I decided to go with Daniel Sturridge as our first pick. I doubt I could give more of a tick of approval than that. My management team agreed with me on the decision.

Also joining us but not here today are Niklas Dorsch, a holding midfielder on loan from Bayern Munich for a year and Sam Byram from West Ham who will be our new first choice right back, creating some added competition for the likes of Eric Lichaj and Elliot Collins. With that announced, it's over to Daniel for some comments."

Daniel Sturridge-"It's great to be here. I loved my time at Liverpool but the time had come for a new challenge. I've watched Grimsby grow over the last few years and this club is without doubt the fastest growing club in the Premier League. There's something special going on here and a lot of players are wondering what it'd be like to be involved. Me, I no longer have to wonder.

It's an honour to be brought here over someone like Sergio Aguero. The club obviously view me as a crucial piece of the puzzle. That said, I'm prepared to do it the hard way. I'm not expecting to be given any special treatment and if I'm picked to be an impact sub I'll bide my time."


The Emirates FA Cup-Round 4-Friday 29th January 2021
Grimsby Town 0 def by. WEST BROM (M.Phillips & M.Throsby) 2
Blundell Park
Crowd: 9,051 (SOLD OUT)

Ty Stedman-"This is a severely disappointing night for the club. It's been a crazy week in terms of player movements and as seen, two of our new signings started tonight's game. Daniel Sturridge joined Trent Buhagiar up front and despite that, we just couldn't transition the ball well enough to them.

A world-class player doesn't always mean a world-class team. And whilst this isn's the Daniel Sturridge show, I'm guessing the vast majority of our fans were expecting him to score a debut goal. The fact is, we failed to give him nor Trent Buhagiar the ball and we barely registered any threatening attacking movements. It was one of our worst games of the season and West Brom punished us for it."


SIGNING: Jordan Ibe Signs For Grimsby Town

Ty Stedman-"We've made some amazing signings these past few days but another one is on the way. Bournemouth's Jordan Ibe will be joining Grimsby Town for 10 million pounds. Yes we have adequate left sided wingers in Marco Rojas and Elliot Turner but this is a team that needs competition for spots.

Jordan Ibe will be a valuable addition to the squad and it's yet more proof that we're dead serious about competing in European football. As it stands we will play in the UEFA Europa League next season and we need the depth to compete with some of Europe's elite."


HUGE SIGNING NEWS: Pre-Contract Deal For Chelsea's Oscar:

Ty Stedman-"As you know, the sale of Lance Morgan to Bayern Munich was the biggest transfer of the entire year and has given this club a huge amount of funds. As a result, we made contact with and since then, secured the services of Oscar for the 2021/22 Premier League Season and beyond.

Oscar will join us on a free transfer on the expiry of his Chelsea contract at the end of this season and the club, including myself could not be more excited. These past few weeks have been beyond our wildest dreams. Lance Morgan is now Bayern's 1st choice goalkeeper and we have secured some big, big names for the future. This is a new era for Grimsby Town Football Club.

The club can also announce a two-year contract extension for our newly appointed club captain Trent Buhagiar. Trent was my first signing when I arrived and he has now scored 103 goals in 219 appearances. He's been a consistent since the club began this journey to the Premier League and is now equal top-scorer in the Premier League. He is one of the players that define this club and what we're about."

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