Friday, 1 January 2016

PART 62: Grimsby Career Mode-FIFA 17


Premier League-Matchday 11-Sunday 8th November 2020
Grimsby Town 0 def by. MANCHESTER CITY (Fernando) 1
Blundell Park
Crowd: 9,051 (SOLD OUT)

Ty Stedman-"Well I can speak about a lot of positives from today's game. We were the better team, we created more clear cut chances, we simply played the better game but we lost. Luck wasn't with us and City won with one of their few chances. It was great how we kept them away from the goal but that one moment cost us everything in the end.

We had this game marked down as a big one going into the international break. A chance to pick up a win over a top-four quality side and a title favourite but it wasn't to be. We'll play worse games and win but that's just how the cookie crumbles some days isn't it."


Premier League-Matchday 12-Saturday 21st November 2020
Stoke City 0 def by. GRIMSBY TOWN (T.Buhagiar-PEN & T.Ince) 2
Bet365 Stadium
Crowd: 26,743

Ty Stedman-"Tonight was probably our best performance of the season. We came here with intent to win and from the first whistle we stuck to our game plan. Stoke City are a tricky team to play, especially here so we knew we needed to take the game to them and that's what we did.

Trent's penalty was converted well and from there we just tried to control the game and hit Stoke on the counter. Towards the end when both teams began to run out of steam, I chucked on Thomas Ince as well as Elliot Turner. Turner's pace blew Stoke away and Ince's finish was as calm as I've seen a strike all season. It was a good night for us."


Premier League-Matchday 13-Sunday 29th November 2020
Grimsby Town 0 drew. Newcastle United 0
Blundell Park
Crowd: 8,835

Ty Stedman-"That was tough for us this afternoon. Conditions weren't the best and Newcastle shut down a lot of our chances. I thought we had enough chances to win it but again like we've had so often this season, luck wouldn't fall our way.

Tactically we've been trying different things as of late and playing different formations to try and keep our opponents guessing. We want to find the exact brand we need to overcome each individual team. We probably got it wrong by having too many players deep today and not really taking control in the middle third. We defended well and it's another clean sheet but we need more goals."


Premier League-Matchday 14-Friday 4th December 2020
Liverpool 0 def by. GRIMSBY TOWN (E.Turner) 1
Crowd: 52,893

Ty Stedman-"That's our sixth win of the league season so far and that one had to be the hardest of them all. It's no secret that Liverpool are struggling at the moment down there in 15th or so and they've been desperate as of late to turn that around before it's too late to push for Europe.

Elliot Turner has been on fire for us as of late and got his first start in any competition this season today, and a well deserved start as well. And what better way to make an impact than by scoring the only goal of the game in a win at Anfield. That was in the 20th minute so there was a lot of work to be done after that. We managed to create more chances in the second half and we should have won by more but as you've seen, we hardly ever do things the easy way."


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