Friday, 1 January 2016

PART 59: Grimsby Career Mode-FIFA 17

Premier League-Matchday 1-Saturday 15th August 2020
Grimsby Town (T.Buhagiar) 1 def by. MANCHESTER UNITED (V.Janssen x2) 2
Blundell Park
Crowd: 9,051 (SOLD OUT)

Ty Stedman-"Well it's good to be back in action but there's no hiding our frustrations tonight. We deserved a point in my eyes and we just couldn't lock up a result when needed. One or two mistakes at the back proved costly and that just kills any chances of victory in the end.

We're not using any excuses. Yes it's the first game of the season but we knew we had Manchester United up first and we knew how much we had to put in to get a result out of it. This game fortunately gives us some positives to work with and with new players, it was never going to click straight away. I have to express disappointment with the result though."


Premier League-Matchday 2-Saturday 22nd August 2020
CRYSTAL PALACE (S.Kaikai) 1 def. Grimsby Town 0
Selhurst Park
Crowd: 24,986

Ty Stedman-"Football hurts sometimes and this was one of those times. We were the better team; we had the better chances and we controlled the majority of the game. Palace barely had any look at goal but one error at the back allowed them in and they pounced. It's a shocking way to lose really. I can't fault our defence, mistakes happen, but to dominate and come away with nothing is very disappointing."


EFL Cup-Round 2-Wednesday 26th August 2020
GRIMSBY TOWN (T.Buhagiar & S.Galloway) 2 def. Liverpool 0
Blundell Park
Crowd: 8,976

Ty Stedman-"We had some intense battles with Liverpool last season and came out second-best every time. It was nice to beat the Reds but let's be real here, that was more of a reserves line-up that Jurgen Klopp fielded. That's understandable but we're not getting carried away here. We had our best team out there and got the job done well but that's where it stops.

This competition is one we're taking very seriously this season as it presents a pathway to the Europa League. In reality, it's probably our best hope of making it into a European competition. We've drawn Manchester City next so it's definitely not going to get easier."


Premier League-Matchday 3-Sunday 30th August 2020
GRIMSBY TOWN (T.Buhagiar & J.Allen) 2 def. Hull City (A.Diomande) 1
Blundell Park
Crowd: 9,007

Ty Stedman-"The first two games were hard results to take but that's life in the Premier League. Today the football gods were on our side. We probably should have had it all wrapped up earlier with the chances we had but again we allowed the opposition into the game. We can't keep falling apart at the back.

Credit has to be given because we didn't give up until the very end and we caught them on the counter. I'm not sure what happened there with their defenders and the space they left. Maybe a miscommunication but it was nice to win it in the final minute."

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