Friday, 1 January 2016

PART 58: Grimsby Career Mode-FIFA 17

Sean Davies & Reece Phillips Sold:

Ty Stedman-"This is without a doubt the two biggest calls I've made in my time here. Firstly, Reece Phillips. West Ham United were eager to get him in and despite being a highly-rated player with loads of potential, I believe I can use the money of his sale to boost our flanks and get a winger who can really do some damage. Not to say Reece couldn't, he is a great player but we've got some ideas on our plate now.

As for Sean Davies. It was a hard decision to make as a lot of our fans, particularly the younger ones look up to him but Chelsea came knocking and they came knocking with an offer that we simply couldn't refuse. Both players will succeed in my eyes and we're definitely looking forward to challenging them on the field and trying to get one over our former team members.

We've already added a centre back. Regan Poole from Manchester United is quality and will bring something more to our already quality defensive line."


Hiroshi Kiyotake & Adama In + Ince Signing:

Ty Stedman-"The final two pieces of our puzzle have been added. Hiroshi Kiyotake and Adama. Kiyotake is experienced as they come in the central attacking midfield role and I believe he's got the skills to really boost our attack. He knows how to pick out a pass. Of course there's no hiding the fact that he's a lot older than Sean Davies was in that role but he's still got it and he's keen to bring some class to Grimsby. Our fans will hopefully welcome him with open arms.

Adama troubled us at Middlesbrough last year so he was definitely down in our notebooks as an option should we ever lose Reece Phillips. He's fast, he can cross, he's still hitting the peak of his powers. We're really excited to see what he can do in the opening game against Manchester United.

Last but not least, we had funds to secure Thomas Ince as well. Two players out and three in is smart business in my eyes and we definitely have some options in these players. It's been a brilliant pre-season."

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