Friday, 1 January 2016

PART 56: Grimsby Career Mode-FIFA 17


 Premier League-Matchday 32-Sunday 19th April 2020
GRIMSBY TOWN (E.Turner) 1 def. Arsenal 0
Crowd: 9,051 (SOLD OUT)
Blundell Park

Ty Stedman-"I'm hoping most of our fans have strong hearts as we've certainly provided some heart-stopping moments this season. I think that's five or six stoppage time winners this season and that adds up to be about half of all our wins maybe even more. We just refuse to give in and accept a loss or even a draw until that final whistle goes.

Arsenal of course were hunting for a Champions League spot so it's understandable they threw a few players forward. And despite our goal, it's hard not to feel for Koscielney at the back with that late slip that allowed Elliot Turner to take off on goal. Turnovers there prove crucial and we'll take what we're given. We've knocked off some huge opposition here this season."


 Premier League-Matchday 33-Sunday 26th April 2020
Grimsby Town 0 drew. West Bromwich Albion 0
Crowd: 9,004
Blundell Park

Ty Stedman-"We're a little bit disappointed today. Our tails were up and confidence was high after knocking off Arsenal last week but West Brom came here to fight as they're staring down the barrel of relegation. We just weren't good enough in the first half.

The second half was better but West Brom defended well and kept our chances to a minimum. Obviously we were frustrated with the way they were playing, trying to defend their way to a draw. I'm guessing they'll put all their eggs into the home game basket to try and avoid the drop. It just wasn't a good day for us nonetheless."


 Premier League-Matchday 34-Wednesday 29th April 2020
Grimsby Town (E.Turner) 1 def by. CHELSEA (C.Azpilicueta & B.Traore) 2
Crowd: 9,051 (SOLD OUT)
Blundell Park

Ty Stedman-"Tonight is the third time we've been beaten by Chelsea this season and for all three games I've firmly believed we were right in the battle and probably let ourselves down. Their first goal came right on half time and that's a killer blow every time it happens. It's the worst time to concede.

We fought back and probably should have got a point if not for the horrendous turnover that led to their second goal. You can't invite pressure against a team that's going for the league title and we were punished. We probably deserved a point but we can't achieve that if we're giving away goals at crucial points of the game. Obviously we're heading for a mid-table finish which was our goal but we'd like to end with some wins."


 Premier League-Matchday 35-Sunday 3rd May 2020
HULL CITY (M.Saymak) 1 def. Grimsby Town 0
Crowd: 23,986
KC Stadium

Ty Stedman-"Well we got a taste of our own medicine today. A late loss in a game we probably should have won. We wasted the best chances we had and then we couldn't convert the pressure at the end and they got us on the counter-attack and a good finish to boot. Nothing you can do about it.

We've been in 12th for a while so if you asked me if 12th would be good enough at the start, I'd say yes but we're better than that. We've beaten the best multiple times and its games like these against teams below us that we seem to struggle the most in. That's football I guess. We've got three more games to finish the year out on a high and plan ahead for next season."

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