Friday, 1 January 2016

PART 50: Grimsby Career Mode-FIFA 17


Premier League-Matchday 11-Saturday 9th November 2019
GRIMSBY TOWN (B.Berisha, M.Rojas & D.Clut) 3 def. Manchester United 0
Blundell Park
Crowd: 9,051 (SOLD OUT)

Ty Stedman-"Make no doubt, tonight is my greatest achievement in management and for the majority of our players, it rates as their greatest-ever win. We don't want to praise ourselves too highly but we just beat Manchester United. I'm absolutely delighted for everyone involved in this club, on and off the field.

We learnt lessons from that Liverpool game a few weeks back. We're not afraid of the big clubs and we took a 2-0 lead against Liverpool only to lose it 3-2. Besart Berisha gave us a lead in the 1st Half but we forced ourselves to be more cautious and really just waited for our chances.

The long crossfield ball from Liam Kinsella to Marco Rojas was more of a panicked ball to safety. I saw it straight away. United pressured Liam and he just booted it as far as he could, somehow they got caught ball-watching and next thing you know it's two-nil with Marco Rojas scoring.

2-0 up in the 70th minute brought back memories of the Liverpool game but we stuck to it. United went all or nothing in stoppage time with the keeper up for the corner and it paid off for us. Lance Morgan found Devante Clut and what a hit from halfway, despite there being no keeper.

Now we're back into the top six, we didn't expect to be and we didn't expect to win 3-0 tonight. What can be certain is that our next three games will be even tougher with City and Tottenham twice. They know we're a team that love to take it to the big clubs."


Premier League-Matchday 12-Saturday 23rd November 2019
MANCHESTER CITY (A.Silva, W.Khazri & K.De Bruyne) 3 def. Grimsby Town (T.Buhagiar) 1
Etihad Stadium
Crowd: 54,056

Ty Stedman-"Ultimately this will be one that feels like it got away. It feels a lot like the Liverpool game but maybe a little worse due to the way our defensive structure got exploited and fell to pieces during the second half. We had a two-week break from the United win and to find ourselves one-nil up at the Etihad was just brilliant.

Unfortunately as soon as they equalised we just crumbled under the pressure. They probably should have got more than three goals at the rate they were going. It's hard not to be disappointed at throwing away a lead, despite the quality of the opposition. We'll be better prepared for the next game."


Hosting Top of the Table Tottenham:

Ty Stedman-"Is this our biggest test to date. The Arsenal trip was a massive game for us as was Liverpool and both Manchester games but Tottenham are as you say the league leaders and reigning Champions of Europe. Spurs have really hit their potential the last few years so no doubt this is a huge test for us.

There's been talk during the week and a lot of our fans are throwing back to the game 14 years ago when a fairly strong Tottenham came here and crashed out of the League Cup. That was an era or two ago for us so there's no thought of that. We want to write our own history."


Premier League-Matchday 13-Saturday 30th November 2019
GRIMSBY TOWN (O.Bogle x2, B.Fornaroli & S.Davies) 4 def. Tottenham 0
Blundell Park
Crowd: 9,051 (SOLD OUT)

Ty Stedman-"Some days, a plan just goes down perfectly. We played exactly how we set out and we tore the league-leaders apart with sublime pace and accuracy. Yes they had a fair few out due to the Champions League midweek but we took it to them.

I was extremely worried early on as Christian Eriksen was at times toying with our defenders but they soon figured him out and with one or two tactical changes we turned momentum. Being two-nil up at the break brought memories of the Liverpool game but the United game was what I was trying to bring to the team's attention. The fact we held out and didn't fall away.

The 2nd Half was just the perfect example of leading from the front. We frustrated them and countered them every time. Eventually they ran out of puff and we made it 3-0 and then of course Omar Bogle grabbing a second and making it four. Four-nil against a team with Hugo Lloris in goals. It defies belief really.

It gets mentioned to me all the time about the successful Grimsby side of the 1940's but it's hard to find anyone these days that can vividly remember those times so for our fans especially, nights like these are the greatest they've ever had. First United and now Tottenham. We've got them again on Tuesday as well."


EFL Cup-Quarter Final-Tuesday 3rd December 2019
Grimsby Town (O.Bogle) 1 def by. TOTTENHAM (T.Muller & N.Bentaleb)
Blundell Park
Crowd: 9,042

Ty Stedman-"Well Tottenham had the advantage of bringing in their Champions League players that missed out on the weekend. Muller and Bentaleb just tore us apart at times but to our credit we dug deep and got one back and probably should have taken it to extra time.

We want to end this club's major trophy drought and ultimately this competition is the best chance to do that so it is very disappointing to again fall out of it before the final. Tottenham were just a bit too good in that 1st Half but needless to say, we're not too concerned considering we did beat them at the weekend.

Omar Bogle has three goals in two games and he'll continue to get chances due to Besart Berisha's shoulder injury ruling him out for two months."

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