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SURVEY RESULTS: Newysports New-FM Awards 2

None of these have been censored so apologies for any swearing but I don't think there are any swear words. 

*Added: Game of the Season (Any Grade)

17's semi final cooks hill vs kahibah second leg
Bel swans- Wallsend 19's at the gardens
Lakes vs Kahibah in the 17's
Wallsend 6-1 Lake macquarie
Valentine v Toronto
Major si Valo v Kahibah @ Kahibah
Kahibah 5 Lakes 2 to win MP
17's stag 8-1 win against Cessnock, jake Amodio scored only hat trick for the club in that game
Wallsend vs lakes
Kahibah vs lakes 17's when kahibah beat an undeafeted lakes side 5-2 ratger impressive if you ask me
Wallsend vs Lakes 2nd leg
Wallsend v Lake Macquarie (Semi-final)
Kahibah vs Cooks hill first grade second round at cooks hill home ground. Got my first grade debut in a 4-1 win :)
Wallsend 6-1 Lakes 1st grade semi final
Round 22- valentine verse Cessnock. 3-2 valentine win
Cessnock vs Cooks Hill 23s at Cessnock
Cooks hill vs Kahiba 2nd leg
Lakes vs Cooks Hill 17's 5-3
Singleton v lakes
Bel swans vs cookers 17s 3-0
Wallsend vs Lakes 2nd leg semi final
Bel swans / Valo was played on a Wed night , Bel swans won 1 - nil .
17s kahibah vs Lake Macquarie 5-2 kahibah win
Valo V Lakes 4-0
Lakes vs wallsend 9-4 round 2
cooks hill vs lakes 17s
Round 19 valo v Swansea Belmont under 19s
Valentine vs Toronto awaba
Wallsend vs lakes semi final 2nd leg
U/17 Toronto vs Cessnock 8-1 win
19s Valentine 3-3 Cessnock
Cooks Hill V West Wallsend midweek game 17s
Valentine Vs Kahiba 2nd leg semi
Kahibah vs Lakes final round U/17s
Cessnock 17s vs Thornton
Wallsend 6-1 Lakes. Up the reds.
kahibah 5-2 lakes 17s
Lakes vs Kahibah in the 17's
LMCFC 1-6 Wallsend, as one sided as you'll see a game at this level and at the best time of the year for the Red Devils. Favourite Cooks Hill game: v Cessnock City away. That was a fun day. -Ty
Lakes vs Kahibah 5-2
Lakes vs Kahibah 2-5 -17s
Game 2 against Thornton, only win all season Ahaha
Valentine vs lake maquarie
Stags v Cooks Hill, Stags came from behind in the last minutes to win
Luke gibbons
Valentine v Cooks Hill
Lakes vs Wallsend 17s Semi Final Leg 2
8-1 Valentine 19's VS Singleton 19's
Valentine v Toronto Awaba
Wallsend v Lakes (Semi Final)
Lakes 27s vs kahibah 17s first time
1st grade round 1 valo vs lakes 3-2 back an fourth game with late equalisers an winner
Kahibah vs Lake Macquarie U/17 when kahibah went out and thrashed and unbeaten Lakes side 5-2
lakes vs wallsend 2-1 win to lakes at macquarie field
valo 8 v singo 1 (u/19's)

*ADDED: Best Defender (Any Grade)

Jack Fisher (Valentine - 17s)
Justin broadly for hornets 19's
Riley Stackman (lakes u-19s)
Daly Twins - Rory and Declan
alex mackenzie
Caleb Chapman
Perry Budden
Alex Evans
Alex Burrell Valentine
Sebastian Lewendoski
riley russel
Michael Best
Jaryd Abbott Westy 19's
Alex Mackenzie
harry flick
Sean Griffiths
Brock Taylor
Adam Pilkington ;)
I think all defenders will be getting better shoutouts from me next year -Ty
Harry Flick U17 Kahibah
Luke sleigh
Luke "Gibbo" Gibson
Alex Burrell
Harry Flick
Alex Burrell ( Buzz ) Valo
Michael Baillie
Riley Russell
Jack Fisher (Valentine) 1 word to describe him - Absolutely world class
Jock Thompson
James Youngberry what a legend
Bailey Mannix Kahibah 19's
Stuart thompson
Daniel rufo
Alex under 19s valo best overall lead the team well great reader of play strong great feat plays fair
Kevin Orr
Big bloke on Valos first grade, I think he's number 4
Alex "buzz" Burrell best defender hands down probably the best player
Jackson skinner
Caleb chapman
Luke "Gibbo" Gibbons For defending his hair cut
Kylo o Toole
The big cooks hill dude
Gocha abshilava ( not a defender but still better than any defender all season)
Alex Mackenzie
Kahibah 17s back 4
Luke gibbons
Joel shearer
Sean Matthews first grade lakes
Andre gumprecht
Alex Burrell Wanted to vote for Thornton as most disliked club but you have left them of list. There's my vote anyhow
Buzz @ Valo
kahibah 17s
not nathan baker
Both Daly twins (Kahibah 17s)
Brendon Ganga (Belswans)
Campbell Hynd. Harry Flick. Declan Daly. Rory Daly
Sebastian Lewandowski
Cooper goodacre
Angus perrman
Adam Davis
valentine 1st grade cb
Luke sleigh Caleb chapman

*ADDED: The Kevin Muscat Award for Ill-Discipline

James Youngberry for being a wanker
Lachlan Murray U19's (Kahibah FC)
Tyson "Suarez" Johnson for being the biggest hack all season
The entire U17 Cessnock team.
That angry Kid from Valo Carlo Gardinaia
Anyone who plays for west Wallsend
nathan baker
Carlo Proietto
Jereme wann
rory daly
Zac Thomson
Josh Knight, under the guidance of Jarrod Olivieri -Ty (sorry Westy!)
Ginger from westy
Gabriel Cerda
Mat moncrieff
Mat Moncreiff
Liam Muir Westy 19s
Caleb Chapman and Campbell Guest
Meat axe ( bel swans)
carlo godina
Carlo Godina
Will McMaster
Blake Redmond
Lachlan Murray Kahibah 19's 😂😂
Mat Moncrieff
Tom neely
Jereme wann
Daniel Bartlett
Gabe 1st grade lakes
Tyson Johnson from lakes! #Grub!
Grant knight
connor brady
Blake Redman
Josh Knight
Zac Thomson
Carlo godina
Zack Hancock
Max Zank
Luke gibbons
bailey cooper
Entire Kahibah 17's team, bunch of twats And also westys supporters
Liam Muir for kicking Cessnock 19's keeper in the head and being sent
Ryan "the donkey" bartlett
scott baille
Campbell guest
Cooper goodacre
Rory Daly
Josh knight
Obviously Josh knight
That west wallsend kid who kicked out match ball over cahill oval's stadium after seeing red. Shame on you mate. Hope you enjoyed your 8 week suspension.
josh knight
Carlo Godina Valo

*ADDED: Best Haircut

Brock turner
Shanan Michael with the slick back, GK for Kahibah 19's.
Lucas Egge
Tim Rodgers
Luke Urwin
Luke gibbons
Campbell hynd
Nathan Baker and that phresh trim
Eggy lakes 17s
Ryan Bartlett
Brock Turner
Luke Gibbons Stags 17s
Luke "Gibbo" Gibbons
Jason zechel
Gabriel Cerda
James ward
Andre Gumprecht
Pouri bashar
David Kolarovski
Man buns Jordan tselembis
Cooper Goodacre
Jack wheeler
I added this award just for you Gibbo -Ty
Kaleb Pearson
Not nathan baker
Jack Wheeler
Riley Russell for looking like a girl the pussy
Farcy newton
Brayden Boga (Kahibah FC)
Luke Gibbons
Tim Rogers Valo
Luke Gibbons
Nathan baker pink top prior to shave for cancer
kaleb pearson
Luke gibbons
Jack Wheeler (Valentine FC)
Brock turner
campbell hynd
Campbell guest
campbell guest
Kid in 17s Stags i think you know who im talking about
Kaleb pearson
Jack Wheeler (Valentine 17s)
Campbell hynd
Tom Neely

Goal of the Year

Joel Blundell when he was a Stag 19s v Belswans cracker from 30 out
liam neild goal for cessnock hornets 17s
Jeremy noone
Blayke Carpenter half way bomb against necknock
Gocha abshilava
Jereme Wann hit a half volley from behind halfway while playing centre back and it flew straight into the top right corner, night game vs westy. Wallsend 17s 2-1 westy 17s
Isaac szeklhidy volley 30 yards out top left
Winstones bicycle
Isaac Zek Kahibah u/17'sJake Amodio, chip against bellswans 19s
Zack Hancock u/17s stags vs belswans at belswans
Zack Hancock Stags vs Belswans volley outside the box top right hand corner hit the bar come down and went in.
Jack Fisher v Cessnock (Round 22)
Sam walker goal vs Kahibah away
Daniel palozzi free kick against Wallsend 1st grade
Any of the 5 Kahibah put past Lakes for the MP!!!
Steele harvey chest volley from half way
NEWFM 17s Jack Fisher (Valentine) vs Cessnock Round 22
Winstone oku bicycle
Campbell Guest goal at the bi line outside 18 yard box
Riley Russel v Kahibah
Any of the 5 Kahibah 17's put past Lakes for the MP
Steele Harvey half way volley
Rocky from cookers 19s
Isaac Szekelyhidy U17s verse Cessnock. left footed (weak foot) volley from 35 yards out to the top left corner. complete screamer
Jared screen west walls end round three I think
Winstone Oku bicycle
under 17s, Jeremy Noone against lakes, corner of the 18 yard across goal off the volley best goal I've seen in years
Jacob Hill vs Cooks Hill (1-0)
Peter Tamplin vs Wallsend. Top corner 25 out match winner
i believe it would be blake carpenter against cessnock
Peter Tamplin vs Wallsend
Jason Zechel - 23's vs Lakes @ home. Run from the right wing past 2 defenders onto a long ball from goalkeeper, cut back onto his left past 2 defenders with ease and hit the top left corner with a drilling shot roughly 30 yards out
Any goal that Westy scored
Jack Fisher Round 22
NEWFM 17s: Jack Fisher (Valentine) vs Cessnock Round 22
Blayke Carpenter rocket against cessnock
Isaac zekelhidy 30 yard half volley for Kahibah against Cessnock
Campbell nunn bomb for singo u/17s from near halfway in the last minute to win the game 3-2 against belswans
Jack fisher for valo vs cessnock round 22
Any Goal that Valo had scored..
Carson Gray U19's (Kahibah FC)
Zack Hancock under 17s Toronto stags vs belswans
Taylor Hepburn (Wallsend) v Valentine
James youngberrys header against his own team in the semi the hooligan
Milan Lettau 17s against Toronto, left foot volley into top corner.
Luke gibbons
Ryan Bartlets goal against Toronto
zack Hancock u17s stags vs belswans at belswans
Campbell nunn - singleton 17s v bel swans, last minute winner. Volley off a corner off the left boot
Alex Evans Volley from outside the box against Lakes on the last day of the season against lakes. -Trent Vager.
Round 22 - valentine verse Cessnock- Dylan Halligan shot 35 yards out
Sam Woods vs Wallsend
Jacko Pett v westy
Peter Tamplin for Kahibah vs Singleton
Matthew Hughes volley from 20 yards out with a beautiful touch down to control the ball of his chest to a magician touch to his right foot and a top corner screamer
1st Grade: Jono Mitchinson (v Belswans-Away) Under 19's: Jackson Gosling (v Cessnock-Away) & Seb Lewis (v Singleton-Away) Also shoutout to Matt Ellis for his goal v Lakes (1st Leg Semi) -Ty (Yes I have voted in my own survey haha)
Jackson Goslings first Cessnock Away
Nathan baker one on one with the keeper!
Bel swans 17s Joel vs valentine
Stele harvey chest volley from halfway playing 23s Valo vs Kahiba
Bailey Cooper round 1
Winstone Oku bicycle
Zac Parke's goal for Valentine 23's.
Kieran Quadrelli vs Singleton
Jakob Hills V Wallsend
Peter price, free kick at lakes
Steele Harvey ( Valo 23's )
Seb Lewis header
darco nikic freekick in lake macquarie under 17s last game vs kahibah
Any of Scot McGinleys Penalties
Nathan baker
Isaac Szekhihidy vs Cessnock Volley from 30-40 yards out
Jack turners goal in 17's against Thornton, bombed it weak foot outside the 18
Blayke carpenter cessnock amazing lob over the keeper

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