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SURVEY: Newysports New-FM Survey Results

On paper this looks convincing for Valentine but they did in fact share it on their Facebook page which is a slight advantage. Great to see a lot of support from all the clubs.

Committee members, parents and general supporters of clubs have been big in getting Newysports to the position it's in and the Under 17's are great supporters and I'm happy to give them a bit of a space to have their names up for people to see. Great to see so many 1st Grade players jump on board too!

What a tick of approval for West Wallsend! I could see all the vote results and there were guys from Thornton voting for Westy, guys from Lakes, you name it. People love the heritage feeling at West Wallsend and as I've said, the pitch there has been great all year. Macquarie Field and The Gardens are no surprise as both venues are top class for this competiton. Toronto's spot is deserved as well.

Again, the Westy committee and volunteers will be delighted to see their canteen get such a big tick of approval. This isn't a put down for Toronto or Kahibah though as I know all the canteen staff work their backsides off along with countless other volunteers at each club. Westy though should give themselves a pat on the park.

This didn't surprise me at all. I love the Wallsend kit. They gave me a purple one but the red one is just an instant classic, especially with the hooped socks. All the Wallsend players wear the colours with pride and from 17's to 1st grade, the club look professional with their white shirts and ties. It might sound stupid, but players looking neat and sharp goes a long way towards the overall look of the club.

Cooks Hill's getting some love too which is good. The black and white stripes are instantly recongnised. Surprised to see Belswans so low, I like their colours but you can't win them all I guess.

This would be a good time to thank the clubs who have helped add to my proud jersey collection. As mentioned Wallsend have given me a purple kit, and they'll be giving me one of their one-off Grand Finalists shirts which I greatly appreciate. Kahibah, Valentine and Lakes have all given me a jersey and West Wallsend promised me one last night. The Cessnock boys have told me they'll get one arranged so the collection is building.

Good to see a fair spread of player positions as well. I have to note down to praise defenders a bit more next year. It's not all about the goalscorers and the goalkeepers is it?

Survey Answers:

I'm not going to answer every single suggestion but firstly I'd like to thank all those for their support and thank all those who've done the survey. Hopefully it'll be the first of many surveys and I'll be considering the possibility of a weekly live chat or something along those lines next year.

Onto the main stuff now....

Suggestion: Collaborating with clubs to provide pictures for the games.

This is a good suggestion and there were a couple more that mentioned photos. Let me tell you, I am not a photographer but I'd give it a go. A better option though would be each club taking more photos and sending them through. It's stuff like this that I need to indeed collaborate with clubs on. If you have any photos than by all means send them through and I'll put them up.

Suggestion: Goal of the week with video footage or description
Suggestion: Player interviews and/or coach interviews

I'll be doing a lot of video work next year if things go to plan but again if any clubs film games and have highlights than send them through. I want Newysports to be the home of New-FM football and for everyone to have a place to see goalscorers, match reviews and yes even videos.

Interviews will be something I'll hopefully be implementing next year, perhaps even this Sunday depending how the set-up is at Weston. I've had a couple of 1st Grade coaches say they'd love to do it and no doubt some of the club's senior players and captains would enjoy a chance to talk about each game. But if a team get smashed for six or seven, obviously they wouldn't want cameras in their faces. Even the 17's and 19's I think would be a good option for player interviews, it'd make the boys feel great to see themselves and their peers in interviews.

Suggestion: More People & Better Coverage

This is a summary as there's a fair few suggestions about more people. I'm completely open to it and would love to have some help. Perhaps each club could nominate someone each week to get teamsheets and some words about each game. I as one man can only make two different venues out of five each week so more people would be great.

As I said, countless people suggested more Newysports people but none of them put their hands up. I'm a TAFE student in my early twenties so a paid position wouldn't be on the cards unless Newysports suddenly starts raking in money.

I'd be happy to work with anyone and I feel as though there's a lot of people out there would could do a great job. I wouldn't expect someone to help out for 22+ weeks but a couple weeks here and a couple weeks there would do a world of good. Obviously any helpers would get a mention.

Suggestion: Match Threads for Live Scores

For those who don't understand this one, look up the NSW NPL on Facebook, the Sydney comp. They put up a separate post on Facebook for each game and then update livescores in the comment section. I'm thinking of doing a similar thing next season and might start with this week's Grand Finals.

I don't want to flood people's News Feeds but if there's a call for this then by all means I'll do it that way. I'll be doing similar surveys to find out the demand for a lot of these suggestions.

Suggestion: More note of the under 17s and under 23s

I'll give you the 23's, I've got to do more work in showcasing the 23's competition but 17's I disagree with. I feel as though I've done well covering the 17's. I won't name this boy's club but he plays 17's and his club is one I haven't written about as much as I'd like. I'll improve next year as I have throughout this season since the site began.

Suggestion: More writes up about first grade :)

I agree with this. I of course can't be at every game but maybe emailing clubs or ringing coaches or something could allow me to get a better write-up of each 1st Grade game. Check out my GF preview, I spent some time researching the history of both clubs and feel like it's a decent read for what should be a thrilling match. Thanks for the smiley face :)

Suggestion: Team of the Week/Player Shoutouts

A few people have suggested team of the week. Admittingly it's hard to do a Team of the Week when I'm only at two out of the five games. With more people on board, this could be achievable but I think if it's just myself, I'll be doing a Team of the Week for the two matchdays that I see. (E.G, if I go watch Cooks Hill v Lakes and Thornton v Kahibah, only players from those four clubs would be in my team of the week).

And as for player shoutouts, I try and mention players I think have played well and will do it a lot more next season. Feel free to send me a few $$$ and I'll give you all the shoutouts you want! Don't take that line seriously

Suggestion: Your doing a great job.. Keep up the good work.. You are always welcome at Lyle Peacock Oval..

This isn't really a suggestion but I mentioned it for a reason. I'll be official part of the Cooks Hill matchday squad next year hopefully but will spend the opposite day each week at a random ground. That's what I'm aiming for. I enjoyed coming out to Lyall Peacock this season and really love visiting each ground and meeting the friendly faces around the league. Thanks for the support Stags!

Suggestion: More study into player performances . 
Suggestion: More indepth match reports. 

This is a good one as I feel I can improve greatly on how I read the game. Little known fact, I've been playing for two years. I only knew football from TV and FIFA before then so I feel like I've learnt a lot and will indeed keep learning.

I won't name this guy's club but if he reads this, I picked out a quality player in your club's 17's line-up a couple weeks back and the coach said I have a great eye as he was the coach's option for MOTM. I took that with pride. I'll continue studying the game.

Edit: I put the second one there as it is similar and it's something I can achieve by having clubs collaborate with me and players as well.

Suggestion: Make the journey to singleton abit more often 

I don't have my own transport at the moment but if I do next year then you might see me up there. I made one game up there this season and really enjoyed the ground. Very peaceful surroundings and it was a nice warm day.

Suggestion: have more members on board to have a staff member at each game of a weekend, giving prefect coverage and can also help have stuff like season reviews done quicker

An Under 17's player wrote this. I consider that as a possible internship request mate ;).

Suggestion: Possibly more knowledge from the guy who does it as there was alot of errors in players names etc. overall getting on the band wagon late isn't a good look from a reporter and maybe next year you'll be more evenly favourable between all the sides.

I mentioned this one due to the mention of player names being wrong. A lot of the time recently I've been going off the official team sheet. If clubs can send me team sheets each week I'll gladly spend a couple of hours on Monday putting up all the goalscorers and card count. Again, collaboration is needed.

What bandwagon am I on? I've tried to spend time with players and supporters from multiple clubs. I won't name your club but I feel as though I and a lot wrote you off. I tried my best to write some favouring stuff about your club in match reviews and even in the season review. Again, I'm not going to harp on as everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

I'll try my best to be evenly favourable in 2016. :)

I love reading your stuff, i love how my teammates and I are being written about at 16 and put into team of the years etc. it really makes us feel much more professional and i love listening to the banter and opinion of others about newfm. 

in saying that i do think you need to try and gather more information. i understand that it's difficult because there are so many games,teams and players and you cant watch them all but this does create a certain amount of inaccuracy in your pieces. 

I have met you on multiple occasions and you seem like a good guy that loves to state his opinion which is what makes your articles interesting but for example, your piece earlier in the season about a 17s keeper i think that was getting verbally abused(apparently). 

i have heard many sides of the story and the one you wrote seemed to be the minority of the opinion i heard. not saying you are wrong, just saying that all the people that read your website now believe that this club/fans is a terrible place. another example is the lakes vs wallsend review on the weekend.

Many times in the review(opinion piece) you stated phrases like " heard from someone" and then went onto say something quite controversial. I like that you say controversial things but you have to make sure you are 100% certain of what happens, because it can cause the club and you alot of embarrasment or discontent. 

i know people earlier in the season that stopped reading your pieces because you wrote about their team something that was completely wrong and they took it badly.
To end,i want to say that i hope you continue to write for many more seasons but just work on the little things you need to improve on each year 

Credit to this kid as he's written a lot and got his thoughts over. I don't care if people give me positives or negatives as I'll try my best to work on them all. The main reason I started this site is because I walked into my very first NewFM game ever at Cooks Hill in Round 1 and saw our 17's had won 4-1. I thought, who are these guys and I thought I'd review their games. Then at Valentine I finally watched one of their games and really fell in love with watching the 17's competition and the other lower grades. There's a lot of quality depth.

I want the 16 year olds playing New-FM to feel more professional. You guys are a helluva lot better than me in my AA/H team. Thanks for that and yes the banter's good isn't it ;)

That situation with the 17's keeper caused me a headache and I regret getting involved. You yourself know there's been one of two more incidents since then that I simply haven't commented on as it is a minority and isn't a true reflection of this competition or football in general in Newcastle.

I love each and every club in this league and hope success for all eleven of them. Some days I'll go a bit far and I admit I've got to do that a lot less. What happened at Lakes on Sunday was an incident I believe was wrong on Lakes side but it was a select few that caused it. The Roosters on the firm majority are a club full of hard-working people and are one of the better ran clubs in this competition.

I agree the controversy needs to calm down a bit. I'm open to criticism and feel like an anonymous weekly chat could help. Sure they'd be a select few who'd throw banter around (that's what a moderators for) but I feel like communication is the way to go. I want to build a New-FM community on this site.

That bit about a team being let-down with the site and thus stop reading it really hurts me. I know I'm typing on a keyboard and you can't see my face but it's disappointing. I want each and every club and team to be on board with the site and how it's ran. Unfortunately I let myself down on a few occasions this year.

Thanks again for the lengthy input. :)

Suggestion: Have a few other people to help assist you. (Apprentice ships)

I only put this one on due to that hilarious auto-correct. An apprenticeship would be good but I'm afraid the 'Apprentice Ships' have sailed as apparently Donald Trump is a front-runner for U.S President now.

Suggestion: Better website... Looks old fashioned 

Due to this being hosted on Blogger, there's only so much I can do in terms of layout and what not. It'll get a fresh coat of paint soon but with Blogger there's only a select few templates I can use.

Suggestion: Showing top goal scorers and yellow card tally etc.

You mate, 10/10. You've mentioned my main objective for 2016, every goalscorer and every card. Clubs would have to send me team sheets (maybe Northern could help out as well if I communicate with them) but agree. This is something I want to add to the site without a doubt. Very important to have every goalscorer in every grade each and every week.

Suggestion: Clubs could send all there weekend squads to you for posting, possibly short term and long term injuries. Maybe each club could score (3,2,1)the other teams in each grade which would add up to the newy sports award for each age groups like a Brownlow could even have presentation night.

Excellent suggestion. I'll try and work with each club at making this possible. The 3,2,1 could be a bit hard for each grade but a MOTM for each game from each team would work nicely. A Brownlow-like Presentation Night isn't on the cards just yet! Would love to get the site to be that big! :)

Suggestion: I guess you should interview directors of coaching or Head coaches
More often and quote them.

This has come from a Cooks Hill non-player (not sure who) and is a good one. I can think of a certain Director of Coaching at CHUFC that would be an awesome interview. Who knows, I might be replying to him right now ;)

Perhaps consider the facts prior to publishing speculation and negative comments regarding a number of clubs. Not sure if you're aware that you'll always muster support by attempting to point out the negatives but show some respect to the organisations you claim to be promoting. I'd like to see you discuss your 'opinions' to those you put down in person rather than from behind a keyboard. Can I expect you'll publish this comment on your Facebook also? Professionalism goes a long way in the media industry. 

This isn't on the Facebook but it's on the next best thing, the Newysports site. I agree with this. I've got to work harder on not getting caught up in politics. And yes I've got to discuss with clubs in person rather than put them down via keyboard. I'll admit I get it wrong from time to time which is to be expected as I'm only 21 and this is the first professional thing I've been involved in. Thanks for the reply :)

- Stop including updates on your current movements mid article ie. we don't care that you are at TAFE
- Stop saying you don't want to rant, but continuing to rant for another 1000 words
- Stop burning bridges by slagging anyone and everyone. You need to consider the ramifications before you speak.
- Be professional

Similar to the one above. I do make things personal a bit by mentioning where I am. Silly thing that probably should go. The rants need to calm down as well as I said above. And let me tell you I'm not trying to burn any bridges. I've worked hard trying to get a positive relationship with people at each NewFM club and the last thing I'd want is to burn bridges.

This guy's not a player which would probably make him a club official at a club I have been a bit harsh on at some stage throughout the season. I need to air my complaints in person rather than via keyboard and yes professionalism needs to improve in 2016.

Thanks for being part of the survey.

Suggestion: **favourite position - on top. 

I'm sorry I left that option out of the favourite position question. Cheeky one aren't you!

Suggestion: Requires more involvement from clubs to pass on information on goal scorers and any other relevant information about their club. This will give a more detail information for you to work with.

You make a very good point and again it's something I want to achieve in 2016.

Thanks to all and hopefully this sort of survey and/or live chat will be a regular thing.

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