Friday, 28 August 2015


Someone involved at Northern, not going to name them or their position or their ranking, but someone who has some role in the organisation took some personal, not professional offence to my comment about them being copycats for covering the 23's and below in the New-FM Grand Finals this week.

I apologised to this person as it meant as a light-hearted piece of banter. It may have come across wrong. I welcome Northern doing more work in showcasing the 17's through 23's of the New-FM 1st Division and I'm open to help them out and work with them to make the competition coverage better.

I know I've stirred the pot at Northern a bit this year but I ask for an apology as I'm still young, inexperienced and sometimes a bit dumb. On a personal level I've met a few higher-ups at the federation and they're great people. I know I've been able to use Northern's intellectual property throughout the year and I'm thankful for that.

I've worked hard towards having most New-FM clubs on board with what I do and whilst there has been one or two issues recently, I feel as though I'm doing a decent job and am hopeful of spreading Newysports' coverage of the New-FM 1st Division in 2016 via player interviews, coaches interviews, etc.

I was talking to a New-FM head coach last night about doing a lot more closer work with each club and it's great to have his and several other coaches support along with a fair few club presidents and/or secretary's. It's quiet amazing how far this site has come and the fact that I'm even getting a notice at Northern is a reflection of that.

This isn't me kissing the proverbial 'backside' or asking for a job but me simply saying I'd like to be more open in having a working relationship with the federation next year and beyond.

I'll be trying in the off-season to cover everything surrounding our proud A-League club the Jets and am hopeful of getting a few players and perhaps more people at the club on board. I'm keen to meet more and more footballing people and really learn a lot more.

Consider this Newysports offering a olive branch of peace to Northern NSW Football. I'd rather not continue to burn any potential bridges.

Kind Regards,

-Ty Stedman

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