Saturday, 29 August 2015

New-FM Grand Final Prelude + Rev-Up Speech

Grand Final Day; fitting isn't it? Eleven teams have battled through five months of football, five months of emotion, there's been up's, there's been downs but it all leads to this. The rollercoaster ride of emotion, the unbelievable joy of victory, the despair of defeat, this is what we play for isn't it?

Today eight teams come to this great historic venue, the home of the North's most consistent footballing side, the mighty Weston Bears. 50 years in a row in the top flight; they've seen them all come and go haven't they. Teams like the Westy Bluebells, the Toronto Stags, teams that don't exist anymore, the likes of Austral United and Wickham Park Croatia and yes, even the mighty Red Devils have come and gone to the top flight. Weston has seen it all.

 On behalf of the New-FM competition, thank you Weston for taking this Grand Final Day on board at such short notice. I guarantee those Bears supporters will enjoy what is sure to be a big day today. It doesn't get any bigger does it? This is New-FM Grand Final Day.

The Under 17's, young, confident and united, what a competition it's been. Today a team of champions from out by the lake are looking to become a champion team. They're the most technical football side going and today could be the day they win it all. The mighty Roosters of Lake Macquarie.

Standing in their way are the underdogs of Cooks Hill. Greatness doesn't come in the form of attacking football all the time. The Cookers are here on defence alone and the confidence and ability of the best young goalkeeper in the competition. Today they've got nothing to lose. No-one expected them to be here. It's amazing what a bit of confidence can do.

In the 19's, those plucky Roosters are back again, they're a club built on success aren't they? They survived an almighty scare against a desperate Belswans and now they come to the Grand Final as the outsiders but belief in themselves and each other. Anything is possible.

The Phoenix, Valentine, they've risen haven't they. The club's on the way to the big-time of the NPL and today they're looking for two titles. Their Under 19's are one of the most skillful sides you'll see and the comradery of this team is like no other. Belief, desire, it equals success doesn't it?

The 23's, a competition where youth and potential mixes with age, wisdom, experience. Those Roosters are back again, this time with a side that took down the Minor Premiers. There's one of two injuries but they'll play hurt. It's a Grand Final; you only get one chance at this.

Thornton. The Redbacks are back in the Under 23's Grand Final and after last year's heartache, they want the trophy. This proud club won't give in and they'll fight tooth and nail to walk out of this venue with the trophy. Young upcomers have helped this side to the Grand Final and they know they're simply 80 minutes away from glory.

Now the big time, the 1st Grade Grand Final. The Phoenix of Valentine haven't won a Grand Final since 2005. They're leaving our competition for the NPL in 2016 and they want to walk out of the New-FM League with the trophy in hand. 

This club have been chopped and changed, relocated and renamed for years but as Valentine Phoenix F.C, they're fast becoming one of the biggest and one of the best clubs in the region. They want to act on their team song and wrap the trophy in the orange and blue.

Their opponents, the fairytale story of Wallsend Football Club. Fifty years have passed since the Red Devils last won a major Grand Final; they've been there seven times since then, their last? 1995, 20 years ago, a 5-0 loss to today's host the Weston Bears. There'd be no greater story in Newcastle this week if the Red Devils win the title in their first season back.

But how do you knock off the stigma of seven straight Grand Final losses. You go out there and put on an incredible display of football like the one seen at Macquarie Field last week. Wallsend weren't supposed to get this far, they've got absolutely nothing to lose. This is their biggest game this side of the millennium.

There's no backing down, this is the greatest day of the year. Only your absolute very best will win this game. 456 games have been played this season, today we see the final four. You may never get to this day again, play it like it's your last. It's New-FM Grand Final Day and it's all on the line.

Good Luck Fellas!

-Ty Stedman


For those who know me well, they'll know my goal is to be coach sometime down the line. Below is the speech I'd be giving to my fellow Cookers tomorrow as the proud underdogs (although you could use it for Wallsend or any team really if you substitute a few words). I'm sure the boys will be fired up via the help of a certain football manager though ;)

"Right, today we focus, today we cannot lose. There's hundreds of people out there watching. This is Grand Final Day! It doesn't get any bigger. There is no way in your mind that you believe in anything but a win today, none! You have to go out there and believe in yourself, believe in your teammates and believe in that badge on the shirt. We are United!

No-one believed we'd be here, they all wrote us off. You know what we did over the last two weeks, we survived! We fought tooth and nail to be here. Luck was on our side and you have to believe in it today. Believe in the word destiny and believe in the word hope.

All those months ago you laced up those boots and walked onto the training paddock and for what? To play Grand Final football! This is what we're here for, this is what we've worked so hard for week in week out for the last five months. This is the pinnacle.

I believe in this team, I believe in this club. You guys can bring the first piece of silverware at this level back to our club. In 20 years when this team's playing NPL football, they'll look on the wall, they'll see the plaque that says you guys were champions in season 2015

You have to play like there's no tomorrow, because there's not. This is where it all ends. Don't just have self-belief, have belief in the guy sitting next to you and the guy sitting next to him. Have belief in this team!

The opposition believe they're better than us. Go out there and prove you're the best. No-one remembers who loses a Grand Final. There is no option today, we go out, we play, we fight, we scratch and claw and we win! You may never get to this stage again, use it! We play as one, we are United! Cookers on 3...1, 2, 3 Cookers!"

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