Thursday, 30 July 2015

UPDATE: New-FM Updates On Fox Sports Pulse

I'm in the middle of previewing the New-FM fixtures for this weekend and was on Fox Sports Pulse. Somehow all goalscorers from all four grades have been written up on the site which is something I've been hoping to see all season. It's ironic that the New-FM results and stats have seen an improvement in the week following my criticism of Northern NSW Football and the lack of commitment towards New-FM football.

A big thanks to whoever did this, it's absolutely great to see. But I still believe all goalscorers for NPL (haven't checked that yet) should be there and maybe even the NPL Youth. It's stats that are prevalent in Sydney's competitions and really should be in Northern NSW as well.

*Edit: I've seen the NPL Senior and NPL Youth results from last week and surprisingly there's a fair few goalscorers in those competitions as well. Full credit to Northern and whoever out there put the hard work in for this. I'm very happy to see the goalscorers up on the site.

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