Monday, 6 July 2015

RESULTS: NPL Youth Round 17

I've updated the ladders with double points for the games I've been told where played for six points. If it's wrong then take it up with Northern NSW Football. I went by their NPL Youth rulebook and believe I've made the ladders right. I still think the system needs changing.

The official ladders have these double point games recorded as two results. E.G, Weston beat Edgeworth 2-0 in the Under 13's but according to the official NPL site, Weston beat Edgeworth 2-0 twice! That's not how I've written it on my ladders as only one game was played so it'd be unfair to quote false goal differentials and what not.

Hamilton v Emerging Jets WAS NOT played for six points as they did manage to play their Round 5 match. Also the Maitland v Emerging Jets catch-up WAS NOT played for six points either.



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