Tuesday, 14 July 2015

RESULTS: NNSW NPL Youth Round 18

*Note: The NPL Youth competition has been downscaled here on Newysports.com. That doesn't mean it won't feature as it certainly will, however previews and reviews were just not coming up successful and I've decided to broaden the site a little bit and re-introduce the coverage of other sports, not just football.

This week's NPL Youth results graphics feature a brand new section that shows my original prediction for that game, making it even easier to bag me out for incorrect tips!

As for the ladders, I've decided to just copy what's on the official Northern NSW NPL Youth page on Fox Sports Pulse, any mistakes on the ladders are not my issue. I'm a firm believer in this competition and I think if a few changes regarding wash-outs and a few other problems are fixed in the off-season, the competition will only benefit from them for next season.

Re-Scheduled fixtures for this Sunday includes the Round 9 clash between Maitland F.C and Lambton and the Round 12 match-up with Adamstown and Charlestown City. 

Also, due to the fact that only the Emerging Jets and Charlestown played on the now infamous wash-out weekend of April 24/25, four of the five games played this weekend (Round 19) will be played for double points. The Charlestown v Emerging Jets game will be a standard match for three points.

Under 13 Results:

Under 13 Ladder:


Under 14 Results:

Under 14 Ladders:


Under 15 Results:

Under 15 Ladders:


Under 17 Results:

Under 17 Ladders:

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