Thursday, 23 July 2015

REQUEST: Complaints About NNSWF

In regards to my article posted on Monday about criticism surrounding Northern NSW Football, the federation themselves have read the article and contacted me today. Understandably they are slightly disappointed and I'm apologetic for making them feel that way as I met some nice people out there in June but I feel strongly about this and feel strongly that someone had to speak up.

Someone with links to not just one club but a lot of clubs over several competitions. 1,500 likes on Facebook show that this site is well-liked among footballers in Newcastle (apologies too to other codes as it's mostly a soccer site right now but I'll be looking at bigger and better coverage of rugby league, union and AFL next season.)

I'll have you know that the article in question received multiple comments, all of which were praising the criticism across a few platforms, Facebook, Blog comments and via Email. I'll also let you know that the article was read over 800 times and the accompanying Facebook post was viewed over 7000 times.

I'm only young so I know I'm rocking the boat a little bit by criticising the federation and let me say, I most likely wouldn't do any better than what they're doing right now but some people in the football community would.

Anyway, before this turns into another 1600 word article, I'll ask for a request. I've been asked to meet with Northern NSW Football CEO David Eland in person and as I'm not the best at handling meetings and what not, I'll give it a shot and try and make some clarity on what needs to be fixed and what not.

I'm glad Northern have contacted me as I've heard a few complaints about their supposed 'closed-mindedness,' but their keen to clear some things up and I guess try and make clarity out of the situation.

I'd love for all involved in local football (whether it be NPL, New-FM, Zone or Interdistrict) to message, email, comment below, go on Facebook, whatever platform you prefer. I'd love to hear from you and hear some issues you feel could be fixed by Northern or at least reviewed. I ask that you keep it clean as this is a family-friendly site.

I'm only 21 so I'm a tad concerned about meeting with the CEO but I'll give it my very best. I don't expect people to listen to me as I don't have the experience nor the knowledge but I do expect people, including the federation to listen to it's member clubs and players and committee members. If you speak up, things might just change.

I believe in the Northern NSW Football community and I believe in making this region (even you guys up at South Armidale United!) the biggest and best in Australia. Credit has to go to Northern for raising some funds and sending the Emerging Jets overseas each year. I feel like our elite junior teams should be taking on the world. Why not?

There's a slight point to make that our best juniors aren't even with the Emerging Jets. They're at Broadmeadow, or Adamstown, or Lakes, or West Wallsend, anywhere really (we've got some good ones at Cooks Hill.) It's these clubs and smaller clubs like Shortland United and Metford that need to speak up. I believe in those clubs mentioned and all the clubs.

I wouldn't be doing this if I didn't love football and love local football more than the EPL. I donated to West Wallsend's donation drive last month and will be doing the same with Wallsend this weekend. I'll be looking at jumping on board as a sponsor at a club next season. I've got plans in place now to make next season's coverage even better. I've got people who'd like to contribute to the site. This site has a following and it needs to speak up.

Thanking you for your support,

Ty Stedman
Owner & Founder

P.S, due to this article and the fact that I'll be going on a trip to Melbourne tomorrow night, we'll have scaled down predictions and previews for both the NPL and Zone Leagues this week. Apologies but due to New-FM being the most read articles, I feel like that's the one I want to get done today.

I'll be way too busy tomorrow to do any large pieces of website work. I fly out to Melbourne at 1:30 and will be front row for Manchester City v Real Madrid and as a City fan I can't be any less excited than what I am. Don't worry, I'll be getting up at 4am and flying home to make the 17's kickoff in New-FM on Saturday. Commitment to the local game is sometimes tougher than it seems. Cheers!

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