Saturday, 4 July 2015


Not many sports news stories or even regular news events bring an outpouring of emotions from me but hearing the news about Phil Walsh was just shocking. 

It's a shame that someone who worked so hard for so many years to get to the top has had his time cut short. AFL Head Coach of the Adelaide Crows for just half a season after twenty plus years working as an assistant around the league.

The images from last night's Hawthorn v Collingwood game are incredibly heartfelt. To see the players of two rival clubs share a moment of silence and respect after the game was amazing. It's up there as any gesture you'd see in any sport. That was the reach of the man.

I feel so bad for his wife and his family. Something like this should never happen anywhere for any reason. 

Full credit to the Geelong Football Club for agreeing to abandon this weekend's match with Adelaide and full credit to Hawthorn, Collingwood and the AFL for putting on a wonderful tribute throughout the night last night.

It doesn't matter if your a Crows fan, an AFL fan in general or someone who doesn't even like the game of Australian Rules, this is a sad, sad story. I think the Adelaide Crows 2015 motto of 'We Fly As One' is comforting in this sad time.

Newysports main logo will be decorated in the colours of the Adelaide Crows for the next few days as a sign of respect for a very respected and very passionate footballing mind.

Again condolences to Phil's family, friends and to all those players, staff and members of the various AFL clubs he's been with. It's not often you see someone who was liked by so many people. 

I didn't know much of the man personally as I don't follow the Crows or even the AFL too much but it's easy to tell he was a well-loved guy. It's a damn shame he never got to complete his first season in his dream job and a shame his life has been cut so brutally short.

It doesn't matter what level you play or even what sport you play. Please take a moment before this weekend's matches to just have a quiet thought for how precious life is. It's days like Friday that show you how good the footballing and sport community in general can be.

May you fly high forever!

RIP Phillip Walsh

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