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ANNOUNCEMENT: Commitment To Newysports

Just a few thoughts to share tonight (although this won't be posted up until tomorrow sometime.) For those who don't know, is a one man operation and it's challenging to say the very least. It's safe to say no-one else commits to Newcastle football like I do, in a website form that is.

There are harder working people and they're the ones doing the quiet jobs behind the scenes. The canteen staff, the club "kitman", the hard working secretary who also doubles as a groundsman. It's them who keep the game running and they do a lot more harder work than what I do.

I was offered a temporary and let me point out, a paid role with Northern NSW Football as their NPL Correspondent. I've thought about it for a week or so an decided to honourably turn down the offer. There's a few reasons I've decided to turn it down.

First things first, money is not going to play a part at all. If I wanted to make money out of this site then I'm simply in the wrong game. This was never about money and never will be. The only money involved in Newysports' history so far is the amount that I donated to West Wallsend not too long ago.

I'll be considering options regarding sponsorship of a team and/or club next season. Cost is going to be a big factor in it but I certainly wouldn't mind jumping on board as a sponsor if I can afford it. Sponsorship or not, I'll continue to make donations every now and then. It makes me feel good to know I'm helping out.

Now why have I turned down a paid (decent money I must add) offer from the federation. I simply do not have the time at the moment to complete the work and not just complete it, but complete to a standard I'm happy would fill their criteria.

Here's a fun fact. The Northern NSW correspondents do 5 games a week, I do 57. Sure my previews and reviews are much shorter but I work arguably double the time. Looking up results, working on graphics, writing previews/reviews, every single day I'm spending at least five, six, maybe seven hours working on the site. It's a full-time commitment.

Now for those who don't know me personally, I play in my own team each week, I train two nights a week, I'm currently the media man for Broadmeadow Magic FC and I'm a TAFE student for two days a week. The rest of the week, I'm working on this site. All day, every day...unless I'm at a game of course.

And talking about games. I'm of course a player and supporter of Cooks Hill United and you'll find me at nearly every New-FM game they play. And not just 1st grade, I'm there every week at 9:15 to watch the Under 17's and then I'm there all day until the final whistle of 1st grade...if I don't have to play a game somewhere of course.

I also get to almost every Broadmeadow Magic game and if there's catch-up games on and I'm not busy I get to them. Wednesday night I'll be at Wallsend to watch the Red Devils host Lakes. I'm a huge fan of football (obviously) and will be lucky enough to sit front row at the upcoming Real Madrid v Manchester City match at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (surprisingly cheap seats!)

I'm a part-sponsor of Slough Town FC who are a seven-division club based just outside of London and are community-sponsored and perhaps soon to be community-owned. It's a great initiative and if you want feel free to look them up. Trust me, they do exist!

And don't call me football-mad because I'm also a member and life-time fan of the Manly Sea Eagles (yes, you know, that club you hate.) I'm a keen sports fan and will probably be staying up till all hours of the night watching the fact the other night I spent two hours watching darts...crazy!

Now before I finish this unnecessary late-night rambling let me say a few more things. 57 games is currently the amount that I preview and review each and every week, although with the amount of catch-up games being played it's more than that most week. 

I write in-depth 1st grade (NPL & New-FM) stuff and also do every single lower-grade match in those competitions. No other site does that. That's what's made this site so successful. So turning down an offer to spend more time focusing on 1st grade and less time focusing on the lower grades isn't a surprise. The lower grades need attention too.

Let me tell you, those Under 17's at Broadmeadow Magic or Hamilton or even some of the New-FM teams; they're the future. They're the future of Newcastle football and they'll play in the A-League for the Jets, they'll play for the Socceroos and hell they might play in the EPL. Why not!

I'm going to take a small shot at the federation here and talk about their ladders for the New-FM competition. I was messaged the other day by a guy at Kahibah asking why the Kahibah 17's were suddenly top of the table on my ladder when on Sportingpulse or Fox Sports Pulse or whatever it is this week showed them as second.

I told him it was due to Kahibah beating Wallsend in the Under 17's 3-1 on the fourth of June. Northern's official results page doesn't have that result! Now I know it's up to the home team (Wallsend) to send through the results but surely after a month someone might have noticed the score missing. It's little things like that this site does so well. It's constantly updated and if I could update SportingPulse myself, I'd do it. 

Newysports has the most up to date coverage of New-FM football. I turned down the NPL job because seriously, NPL is on NBN News every Sunday, it's in the Herald, it's all over the place. I don't remember the last time I saw the Cessnock Hornets on NBN News.

And it's not just New-FM, it's the Zone League. Teams like the Westlakes Wildcats (I love that name) and teams like Raymond Terrace, Medowie, Kurri Kurri, all of them. I've had people message from multiple Zone clubs praising my work and I couldn't be prouder. It's amazing how much this site has grown in just four months.

Let me finish by saying that Newysports will be bigger and better in 2016. I'm sad that this season will be over soon but keen as anything to get started next year with more unique coverage. Oh and by the way, I'm thinking about re-adding local rugby league, rugby union and AFL onto the site. It's hard to keep up with all the football action let alone other sports but I'll try.

If I had my way, all goalscorers in NPL, New-FM and the Zone Leagues would be posted every single week, that's 1st grade down the 17's or even third grade in the Zone Leagues. It'd be a lot easier to review games if that was the case. It's ideas like that one that keep me thinking all the time. How to improve the coverage.

Really quickly I'd like to quickly mention the superb coverage of the games I attended on the weekend by the Singleton Argus, linked below the article. I'm sure all the Singo players and supporters on here would know about it already but I was super impressed to find this. Covering all four grades just impresses me even more. 

The Cessnock Advertiser also put up articles about the Hornets from time to time which is good to see. If you know of any local papers (especially up in the Valley) that cover the local team let me know. Love to see any extra coverage around the place.

Anyway this has gone on way, way too long and it's now past midnight so I'm going to wrap it up. I will continue to do my very best and attempt to get all 57 of the games previewed each and every week but just know from time to time I may be too busy or sick to do it. I'm fairly consistent though so don't worry too much.

Alright, I've got a Newysports cap now so if you spot me at a game feel free to say hello and give me your thoughts on the site. Good luck to those that are players as the race for finals football really heats up over the last month and a bit of the season.

And a big thanks to the people who keep coming back to this site. The site has had over 13,500 visitors in the last 30 days alone which is absolutely amazing. Add that to 1400 or so likes on Facebook and it's just stunning how successful this site has been. I'm so proud that a crazy idea like this paid off. It was never meant to be this big...never.

As mentioned, I'm a bit down that this season has to end but I'm planning a big "Newysports Summer of Sport" where I cover the local cricket, A-League, EPL, all that good stuff. Talking about cricket I should ramp up some Ashes coverage before it starts tonight!

Anyway thank you for the support and let me say I'm fully committed to keeping up the pace and keeping Newysports as the place to be for Newcastle football.


-Ty Stedman (Newysports Owner/Founder)-

By the way, here's the link to the Singleton Argus article about their 4-1 win over Cooks Hill United. Cookers won 23's, 19's and 17's though!

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