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RESULTS: New-FM 1st Division Round 14

1st Grade: Cooks Hill 2 def by. Wallsend F.C 3

I've seen some teams endure some tough starts but the one Cooks Hill had today was dreadful. Wallsend scored the opener through their #27 who's name was Marcus I believe. Trust me when I saw, this Marcus guy was very good, perhaps Wallsend's best on the day. Looked a threat everytime.

The Red Devils scored another goal not long after and I'm still not sure how this one even went in. It looked like it came direct off of a long-throw into the net but the referees must have spotted contact off of someone, whether it be a Wallsend attacker or the Cooks Hill defence/goalkeeper. No idea who to credit with this one!

A horror start for the home side was capped off by a superb volley from a Red Devils attacker. I heard his name afterwards but have forgotten (if I find out I'll update the article). The Cookers defenders did lay off him a bit but it was a very impressive finish.

I'm not sure but a hat for goalkeeper Kaia Roth might have helped as it seemed the Cookers' stopper was having some trouble with the setting sun looking towards the Western end of the ground. Still it wasn't any real fault of the keeper for a defensive line that took fifthteen minutes or so to realize there was a game on. The defending was very ordinary.

The home side hit back mid-way through the first half as Jackson Pett continued his goalscoring form by slotting one past the keeper, much to the frustration of a Wallsend defence that thought they were on track for a clean sheet.

The Cookers pushed hard for the remainder of the first half but the score remained 3-1. After the break it was much of the same as Cooks Hill tried desperately to peg another one back. Wallsend had one or two chances that in all honesty they should have buried. One of those chances was for Markus up front who went one on one with Cookers stopper Kaia Roth and could only swirl one over the crossbar, frustrating the coaching staff in the process.

I thought it was a very physical match-up and one main contributor to that was former NPL player David Hodgson. Hodgson doesn't leave anything out of his physical style and goes into every challenge with 110% effort. I thought he had a strong game in the midfield.

The Cookers scored a second through Peter Pryce and bossed the last ten or so minutes as they threw everything they had at the Red Devils. The last kick of the game was cleared off the line by a defender as Wallsend hung on for victory. I know the Red Devils' coaching staff will see this one as a game they escaped with. They were very impressive early but almost allowed Cooks Hill to steal a point. 

Still a win is a win and it's nine straight for the Red Devils that now take over at the top of the table for at least 24 hours.

Under 23's: Cooks Hill 0 def by. Wallsend F.C 1

Let me start by saying this game wasn't the most entertaining clash you'll ever see but a very physical one as two sides generally aiming for a win went head to head. The Cookers I thought were sloppy in the first half and struggled to make that crucial final pass. 

The second half was much of the same and to be honest I thought Wallsend were even worse than the Cookers. I think both sides would have admitted today wasn't the best football they can produce. Hopefully I don't sound too harsh but it wasn't a game that flowed as well as the previous two and the whistle-happy referee didn't help.

I was impressed with the effort of Josh Terry (sorry again if wrong guy!) filling in for the Cookers' absent goalkeeper. Terry wasn't having the most spectacular game by any means but pulled off a decent save from a very long-range attempt and then produced a full-stretch diving effort to stop another. 

Unfortunately for the stand-in goalie, he was forced into a one on one situation and gave away a penalty as he slid into the attacker. He got a hand to the penalty attempt but couldn't stop it from smashing the back of the net. A harsh ending to the game for the Cookers and the goalie especially. I thought he did well considering the circumstances.

The Wallsend keeper in this grade was pretty decent as well and I thought young Seb Lewis did well off the bench and showed a bit of pace. Injuries wrecked havoc on the Cookers' 23's in this one and probably cost them the game in the end. Not having the goalkeeper show up isn't helpful either!

It was just the second win of the season for a Wallsend side that haven't enjoyed the best year. The team song was sung very loudly by the 23's.

Under 19's: Cooks Hill 1 drew. Wallsend F.C 1

The Cookers' 19's put on an entertaining clash yet again. They were the better side in the opening forty-five and deservedly went in to the sheds 1-0 up at the break. The goal was a simple one but an effective one from the #12 whom I was told was James someone but considering they're a two James' in the 19's I'm not sure which one it was. Sorry!

The second half was full of missed chances for both sides, especially the home side as they blundered one or two chances to stretch the lead. The crucial goal for the visitors came from their #40 who I thought was very dangerous up front and pacey as well. 

The Cookers' #15 missed a good chance but a draw I think was a fair result between these sides. A result that favours Wallsend more than Cooks Hill. I thought Jarod Neale had a strong second half for the Cookers at right-back and showed some some skill on the overlap. The keeper for Wallsend was decent too.

Under 17's: Cooks Hill 1 def. Wallsend F.C 0

This was the first time I've made the 9:15 kickoff at the Athfield and it was certainly an enjoyable game to watch between two quality sides. The Cookers started very well and got the opener through Tom Ayliffe (correct me if I'm wrong on the goalscorer).

I thought Wallsend were lacking going forward in the first half and were caught napping playing out of the back once or twice by a high-pressing Cookers outfit. Campbell Guest was one of the Cookers' best in the opening half, showing some pace down the wing and having a few neat touches, as well as playing a part in the opening goal.

The second half saw Wallsend fight their way back into the contest and to be fair they created a few good chances. Their bench and supporters were adamant the referee had missed a penalty before the Cookers were given their own spot kick just moments later down the other end. Not sure who the #2 is for Cooks Hill but his penalty attempt was saved well by the Wallsend keeper.

Wallsend had a fair few attacks in the last ten minutes or so and the Cookers were gallant as they worked well to keep them out. It was a very impressive defensive display and they almost caught Wallsend on the counter-attack. A through-ball over the top to the winger was swatted out of the air by the hand of the Wallsend left back, who was lucky not to see red in my opinion for a purposely handled ball.

The full time whistle brought celebrations to the Cookers whilst Wallsend will be kicking themselves for the chances that they missed. One or two chances late on that could have gone either way would have made all the difference for a side that have now lost twice in three days. Top quality game from both sides.


This was a result that favoured Cessnock City more than Singleton as they held their rivals to a scoreless draw and hoisted themselves off of the bottom of the table at the expense of Thornton for at least 24 hours. The Strikers will be frustrated with the result as it's one that sees them miss a chance to climb up the table.

In the lower grades, it was a 3-3 draw in the 19's and a 1-1 draw in the 17's. A big result though in the 23's as a Singleton side that moved off the bottom of the table with the win, defeated 2nd-placed Cessnock. A top shelf win for the Strikers' 23's over their arch rivals.


If you have anything to do with the West Wallsend Football Club, I'd probably look away about now. It was an absolute horror show for the Bluebells at Macquarie Field as the class of the Lake Macquarie City Roosters really showed across all four grades, in a ruthless way.

From the get-go in the 17's, the Roosters were absolutely perfect. There's really no other way to describe the day for the home side. The Roosters are a very serious football club and in my opinion will go a long way to pushing towards being in the NPL if results continue like this.

The 17's continued their perfect season with an eleventh straight victory. These boys must be a very serious football side and I'm keen to see them play the Cookers in month's time if I can make it. I have a feeling I'll be watching them on Grand Final day anyway. The perfect season is still a possibility.

The goalscorers in the 17's were Benjamin Roberts (x2), Louis Roberts, Joshua Richardson, James Ward, Jack Russo and Christopher Teasdale. One of them must be the goalkeeper as I heard he scored from a spot kick. Seems like this team know how to put the ball in the back of the net!

The Roosters were supreme in the 19's as well as they won 5-1 over West Wallsend. Lakes' goalscorers were Jordan Harper with a hat-trick, Benjamin Roberts and Ashah Roberts. Jamie Ellis provided the only goal of the game for the visitors.

The Lakes' 23's moved into the top two with a big 5-0 win over the bottom-placed Bluebells. Goalscorers were Gabriel Cerda, Christopher Winship and Joshua Brown. It was the seventh win of the season for the reserves from Macquarie Field.

The real pain for West Wallsend came in the 1st Grade fixture as they were blasted for eight by a rampant Roosters outfit. The promotion-chasing Lakes were relentless against the visitors. I wrote a reply to the West Wallsend Facebook page just to remind them how far they've come since nearly folding last season. They were outclassed today by a very good football side but they'll bounce back, as they've been doing for over 100 years.

Goalscorers for Lakes were Sam Walker (x2), Tom Walker (x2), Brad York (x2), Dan Walker and Sean Mathews. The lone goalscorers for the visitors was Grant Morrow. A big day for the home side and perhaps a crucial result if you read on through my next recap.


Are the wheels starting to fall off of Valentine's promotion push. Thornton have pulled off the second upset against the former ladder-leaders in the space of five days at the Redbacks held on for a 1-0 victory. With their 8-1 victory today, Lakes move to within four points of their promotion rivals, with two games in hand. Wallsend can't be promoted but can block either Valentine or Lakes from going up so this is another crucial result in the New-FM 1st Division.

Let's just quickly mention how important this win was for the Thornton Redbacks. Not only is it their biggest win of the season, it also lifts them off the bottom of the table at the expense of Toronto and Cessnock. A big win for the Redbacks!

The lower grades was all one-way traffic. The Valentine 23's stretched their lead atop the table to ten points with a 4-0 win whilst the 19's avoided falling behind Lakes and kept a hold of second-position with a 5-1 victory. In the 17's, the visitors came out 2-0 winners.


I've been told Belmont-Swansea were a tad lucky to get away with this one as Toronto may have been denied a penalty shout or two. Bit hard to comment on when I wasn't there but still a win is a win and this one is a crucial one as it moves the Belswans to 6th position. The Stags will not doubt be disappointed with the result as it sees them drop back to the foot of the table. 

In the lower grades, Belmont-Swansea inched closer to the top four in the 23's with a 1-0 result where they were awarded what I've been told was a questionable penalty, again I wasn't there so I can't really comment on it. The classy Belswans 19's remained unbeaten whilst the Under 17's ended in a 1-1 stalemate.


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