Tuesday, 2 June 2015

PREVIEW: Zone League Catch-Up Games


I'm about to leave for the Chelsea v Sydney game so I can't do my tips right now but I'm trying to get on top of all the results and ladders and what not for all four Zone League competitions. Anyway for now, here are the catch-up games for this week. If you know of any that I've missed let me know.

My Tips:
ZPL: Cardiff City 3-1 Swansea
ZPL: University 2-0 Newcastle Suns
ZPL: Mayfield United 3-1 Dudley-Redhead

ZL1: Stockton 3-2 Charlestown
ZL1: Kotara South 4-0 Beresfield FC

ZL2: Medowie 2-2 Tenambit

ZL3: New Lambton FC 2-1 Edgeworth FC

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