Thursday, 7 May 2015

UPDATE: Changes To ZFL, WPL & NPL Youth Coverage

Just a quick word to say that I have decided to put more attention into previewing the Zone Football League, Women's Premier League and NPL Youth instead of my current system where I just put up tips and then do reviews on Monday.

My reasoning behind this is I have a TAFE course on Monday's and Tuesday's so I'd love to minimize the website work on those days and keep it simple and also I'm getting great feedback about the previews. In my opinion a prediction is a lot more harder to do than writing out results. Results will be posted but no longer will I be saying 'Team A is now in 1st spot' and what not.

As for the previews I'll be doing the whole Zone comp in a similar way to the NPL and New-FM previews but maybe not as detailed. With the Women's Premier League and the NPL Youth I'll be doing a combined prediction for each game. Instead of separating the grades like I do with the NPL and New-FM previews they'll be all together and a bit shorter.

Depending on time I may also try and put a bit more effort into my coverage of Newcastle's rugby league comp, the rugby union and the Black Diamond AFL. It's extremely hard to do this as I'm just one person but if I can find the time to do I certainly will.

I may try and get these done in time for this weekend but I doubt it as I'm busy tomorrow but they'll be ready for next weekend's fixtures and hopefully will prove a success. Just a head's up though that I might not get the previews up every week as there's a lot of catch-up NPL and New-FM games to cover as well. I'll do my best though.

In saying the above, I will be scaling down my coverage of the NRL like I did with the overseas football (EPL & MLS). I'll do tips each week but to make graphics and write a few sentences on each game is a bit much in my opinion. There's a million and one places to read footy news and I'd much rather focus more on local sport on this site. 

Finally, the Facebook page is rapidly approaching 700 likes and that is just amazing. Clubs are starting to share my previews and a couple of clubs have contacted me directly with praise. The support is very much appreciated. 

I'm very pleased that the horrible weather we've had recently has made an exit and the grounds are good to go for the weekend. I know my team went two and half weeks without training so it was great to kick a ball around this week and even greater to be able to play on the weekend.

Good luck in your weekend's sports whatever that may be and once again thanks for your support of this site. 700 likes on Facebook proves that this is a sports-mad town. Let's try and make it 1000! 

Cheers Everybody! -Ty

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