Wednesday, 6 May 2015

REVIEW: NPL/New-FM Mid-Week Catch-Ups


Late Drama As Adamstown Pull Off Great Escape Against Olympic:

It was good to get to a game where I had no affiliation or preference for either team, it allowed me to watch it in a different way and it's something I'll try and do more often if I can fit it into my schedule.

From the get go it was a fairly entertaining game and was evenly contested during the opening stages. Adamstown picked up an early goal which I didn't even see due to having the park around the block and getting to the ground late. Guy Bates was the scorer though.

Hamilton began to control the play and equalised through Kane Goodchild with not long to go before half time. The away side looked the better of the two sides during the first forty five and picked up where they left off. I thought Rhys Cooper was one of Hamilton's best threats going forward tonight and being only 18 or 19 he'll only get better as time goes on.

The visitors went ahead when Goodchild turned inside the box and smashed an unstoppable shot into the net. Adamsown stooper Scott Carter was furious with his defenders but not many would stop last year's top goalscorer from there. And for what's it worth I thought Carter did well tonight between the sticks. His style isn't the prettiest but he was effective in closing down chances a few times.

Adamstown began to create a few chances towards the end of the second half and were denied by the goalpost at one stage. Hamilton had a perfect chance on the counter to seal the win but their attacker fell as he was about to be one on one with now relieved Scott Carter.

The home side were given a free kick from just outside the box in stoppage time and Guy Bates smashed it into the top left of the Hamilton goal. In my opinion it was one of the best goals I've seen in the local competition. Maybe an overstatement but it was impressive nonetheless.

Bates' equaliser sent the home side into a frenzy as they sealed an unlikely comeback against a Hamilton side that many would agree were the better of the two on the night. A relieved Graham Laws celebrated with his staff on the bench and I have no doubts the wins will start coming for his side soon enough.

Hamilton on the other hand will no doubt be disappointed that they couldn't secure a win. They'll have a chance to bounce back on Sunday against South Cardiff whilst Adamstown will host the Edgeworth Eagles, also on Sunday.

10-Man Weston Survive Against South Cardiff

From what I've heard this game was one that nearly boiled over as a few sloppy challenges that maybe deserved a red card were only awarded with a yellow. The Bears went down to ten just before half time and the Gunners were apparently lucky not to have one or two of their players join the Weston man in the changerooms. 

Credit to the Bears though as it's never easy to win with only ten men on the field. It's a much needed victory for Weston whilst for the Gunners it's another disappointing home result and leaves them in the lower half of the NPL table. They have a chance to turn around their form against Hamilton on Sunday whilst Weston will do battle with local rivals Maitland.

Toronto-Awaba v Valentine




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