Monday, 11 May 2015

ANNOUNCEMENT: I'll be scaling down my coverage of the local rugby league, union and AFL as I simply don't have the time to write articles as well as I'd like to. I'll keep the scores, predictions and ladders but as for longer in-detail previews/reviews I can't find the time at the moment to do it.

I know this may cause a few followers of my site to drop off but unfortunately it's a risk I've got to take. Some weeks though I'll put in some work towards local league and stuff but for now I can't fit it into my schedule. With that in mind, I've put a link to below and they have excellent coverage of local league, union, AFL and more. 

I could try and write some stuff for those comps but unless it's done the way I want it to be done, it might as well not be done at all. I'll be doing tips and stuff but I recommend all of those who are keen for more stuff to visit the link below. Cheers everybody!

For all Black Diamond AFL, Newcastle Rugby League and more please visit the site below.

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