Monday, 27 April 2015


I'm taking a risk and leaving this week's previews until later during the week. It'll be tough for me as I'll have a lot of writing to do in a short time frame but the weather forecast makes me fairly confident not every game will be played this weekend. I know my training ground is still closed and it wouldn't surprise me to see this weekend's games not go ahead, especially considering more rain is to come.

I'm also a bit shorter on time at the moment and will be scaling down my coverage and analysis of Major League Soccer. The US competition is a good one but trying to keep up and watch highlights is tougher than I originally thought. I'll still be doing tips and keeping results though.

Whilst on the topic of the good old US of A, I've made some graphics to keep up with the ongoing playoff series in both the NBA and NHL. They'll be updated every day so keep an eye on those links in the main menu. 

Locally, yesterday's games in the New-FM competition between Belmont-Swansea and Wallsend and the NPL Youth competition between the Emerging Jets and Charlestown City have been reviewed and the ladders for all eight grades have been updated.

Last but not least, a massive thanks to the people who have liked the Newysports Facebook page. At last count it was 323 likes, which is amazing considering it was around 190 last Friday night. Feel free to inbox the page and leave some feedback. I'll take banter, advice and anything in between.

On a side note, I've downloaded Dropbox to both my laptop and my iPad so with some luck I'll be able to update the site on the go, including the livescore graphics. Keep an eye out for that.

Let's hope for some good weather and a chance to get out on the field this weekend.

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