Wednesday, 15 April 2015

OPINION: My Thoughts On The Newcastle Jets Situation

My Thoughts On The Newcastle Jets:

It's been a week and half since my last opinion piece as it's hard to find the time to write them but this one I feel is very important, especially after the comments from Nathan Tinkler to SBS's The World Game website two days ago. Here is the link, (

First of all, I'm not making this another 'Phil Stubbins' bashing article. I've done enough of that recently. I'll say one thing, Phil seems like a great guy personally but in my honest opinion, he is not the man to lead the Jets forward into 2015/16 and beyond. 

This is mainly a response to Mr Tinkler's comments about who are and who aren't true supporters of the Newcastle United Jets. He mentioned people "whinging and blogging" and yes I'm technically doing the latter of those right now but he need to understand the freedom of speech.

Does complaining about the Jets lack of results on my blog not make me a true supporter. Am I supposed to stay silent on the whole matter. There's always next week right, there's always next year. We've been hearing that for the better part of half a decade.

Don't get me wrong, Mr Tinkler is free to say what he wants as well but calling people "not true supporters" is simply not good enough. I sat in the pouring rain with four thousand people the other week and didn't think twice about attending the match. I'll be there this Friday too.

And bagging out the people holding up the banner in the last home game, well they're the truest supporters I know. The people involved in the active support are the best supporters the Jets have. There wouldn't be a Newcastle Jets without those true supporters. 

Granted, if Tinkler and Phil Stubbins can produce results next year, I'll throw my support behind them. But at this stage I can't see that happening. And if we're 0-5 early next season what will be said. "There's always next year" right? 

The Jets are proud to promote the fact that they have 10,000 members. Let me tell you right now, a fair few of those members will not be resigning for next season. That 4,100 that showed up for the Perth game, they won't keep coming if this club keeps going the way it's going.

Remember Clive Palmer, remember Gold Coast United. At this stage that's where the Jets are heading. At the end of the day yes Nathan Tinkler saved the Jets but when do the results start to come, when do things turn around. 

Mr Tinkler is free to say a lot of things but accusing people of not being "true supporters" is a dead set shame. These people are the ones keeping your football team in business. A top to bottom clean out of the Jets would do wonders and at this stage that looks like a pipe dream. 

Jets supporters are true supporters and no owner will ever tear them apart. 

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