Sunday, 22 March 2015

RESULTS: A-League Round 22

Adelaide & Victory Draw Thriller:

It gets a tad boring calling Victory v Adelaide games 'thrillers' but they live up to the hype in nearly ever game they play against each other. Saturday night was no different as a topsy-turvy game ended 2-2 on a night that either team could have taken the whole three points from.

I didn't see the whole game but the parts I did put the earlier game (WSW & Newcastle) to shame. These two teams play a great brand of attacking football and I would strongly suggest any British ex-pat or other foreigners to watch this game as their first installment of the A-League. It's arguably the most entertaining match-up in the league. 

Wellington Win After Torrential Downpour Ends Game:

A lot of Brisbane fan (and neutrals for that matter) are furious. Not about the decision to call off the game in obvious unsafe conditions but the decision to give Wellington the three points and a 2-1 victory. 

No-one should be complaining at all. It's in the A-League rulebook and is used throughout the various state leagues as well (don't quote me on that). It's unreasonable to bring everyone back and play 18 or so minutes another day. Unfortunate for Brisbane but those are the rules.

I caught some of the Titans v Knights on the Gold Coast and that stadium seemed to hold up to the rain pretty well. Suncorp Stadium's drainage seems to be an issue. It's possibly the worst pitch in Australian football today. Brisbane is a city that experiences some wild weather and the stadium should be able to cater for that a bit better. 

Jets Beat Young Wanderers Squad:

I'm only putting this one here because I'm a passionate Novocastrian and a big Jets fan but Saturday's win left me feeling pretty hollow to be honest. The Jets did get the win but against a Wanderers side with five teenagers in the starting 11 I can't really get too excited.

The true test will come on Friday night when the Jets take on a fully-fit Adelaide United. I say fully-fit because the Jets did beat Adelaide in Newcastle earlier this season. The Adelaide team on that night was backing up from the FFA Cup Final. This time round I don't think the Reds will be suffering from fatigue. If the Jets win on Friday I'll certainly change my stance a little. 

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